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About Us

Tecra is a startup that brings together young crowdfunding enthusiasts and creative visionaries of the future

Our ecosystem

What is the Tecra ecosystem

The Tecra ecosystem consists of three projects - TecraCoin's proprietary currency, the crowdfunding platform for Tecra Space's R&D projects and the Tecra DEX decentralised exchange that is being created. These projects complement each other as the first one will be a means of payment and exchangeable for the others. We believe that Tecra is an ecosystem that is friendly and convenient to use for our community. The idea behind it is to create space for inventors, investors and supporters of tokenization, which will prove that Tecra is science, not fiction.

Tecra Space

Our crowdfunding platform creates a unique place where investors and inventors can shape the future together. Thanks to Tecra Space, you can be a part of scientific innovations as well.


We created a cryptocurrency based on our blockchain. It will be used on various cryptocurrency exchanges, Tecra's investment platform & decentralized exchange (DEX). You can already trade TCR on Bittrex, Hotbit and Uniswap.

Tecra DEX

Based on the experience of our developers, we are developing one of the first decentralized exchange platform in the world - Tecra DEX.


What makes us stand out?



Tecra has its own version of the blockchain based on the industry-renowned zCoin. We are developing our consensus protocol and making smart contracts to become an independently distributed ledger. There are both desktop and mobile wallets operating on our blockchain solution.



Tecra Space is a crowdfunding platform that operates on principles similar to shareholding social funding. The most important advantage of our platform is the lack of taxation. Investors can also count on a transparent exit from the investment and the possibility to monitor the course of projects.



The Tecra society centred around the project is the key to success. As a member of the platform, you can take part in voting, evaluate our investment projects and invest in them.



Tecra is not only an investment platform. You can find more products like TecraCoin, which is currently exchangeable on the Bittrex, HotBit and Uniswap exchange, TecraCoin Staking Program, where you can get up to 45% passive profit, and MasterNode, which allows you to increase your profit.


Grants & Awards

In the course of two years of our activity, we have raised 5.1 million dollars for the development of our startup from the European Union. Moreover, we won the "The Startup Grand Slam" contest organized by Trescon WBS in the category of the best blockchain technology investment fund.


Loyalty program

Tecra is distinguished by building communities and the desire to reward them for just being part of a project. From the funds of these projects, which will be selected for the Tecra Space crowdfunding platform and will collect at least the originally planned amount of funds from our investors, we plan to distribute 3% among all the coin holders and 2% will be used to buy coins from the stock exchange and burn them.


Tecra’s community - the startup’s core value

In order to ensure the sustainable and long-term development of Tecra, we have decided to involve people outside our business. Therefore, we have devoted a lot of work and time to build a valuable community that is not perceived as static users of our services but has a real impact on Tecra. Being part of our community, you can decide which projects will finally appear on our crowdfunding platform.


How it all began?

The increasing of interest in cryptocurrency made it possible for people with innovative visions and entrepreneurial talents to implement something that was previously unthinkable. These people appeared to be the founders of Tecra company - Przemysław Karda and Łukasz Gromek. Like many other enthusiasts at that time, the idea of creating their own cryptocurrency came up to their minds. However, the release of their own cryptocurrency did not end with its emission, it was necessary to bring up the value of the coin. The Graphene technology was the impetus for the development of TecraSpace and the beginning of its wide-ranging maneuvers. Tecra has already designed its own blockchain, sealed graphene patents, built a community intensely interested in Tecra’s projects as well as assembled a team that consists of tech-savvy blockchain developers all around the world, proficient managers, marketers and market consultants who dedicate their time and energy to find and realize solutions of tomorrow. Focused on the long-term sustainability, we are motivated to create a thriving ecosystem where investors and creators tokenize the projects of high commercialization potential and social contribution.