TecraCoin is available on Uniswap!

New trading opportunities

We are very excited to inform you that TCR is now available on the well-known decentralized exchange market Uniswap.

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MVP has launched on 4th of May!

First public fundraising

We have been working hard to improve the platform. The MVP version will provide you plenty of features that allow you to successfully achieve your investment goals. Be ready to become the first investor of the solar power plants!

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The Crowdfunding Revolution

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Tecra is creating a crowdfunding platform based on a proprietary blockchain that ensures transparency of investments.

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Crypto Crowdfunding

Cryptocurrency with the real value

TecraCoin - the gateway to the world of project investments and the means of payment on crowdfunding platform Tecra Space. One of the core elements of Tecra’s ecosystem.

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DEX with best tokens

Decentralization of assets

Financed by EU grant, decentralized exchange is a hub of valued tokens and IPR assets. The ultimate link in the project investment system.

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Project co-financed by the European Union
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"All elements of Tecra’s ecosystem have been applied with deliberation and serve a specific function..."

You can now officially trade TCR on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. That's why we created a token for ERC-20. Enjoy your trade!

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Tecra will facilitate the fundraising process for high-tech projects. Fill the form to proceed and leave us info about your project. Our experts will analyze your application and we'll get back to you soon.

We will not disclose any information without your consent.

The Idea

Tecra Space is crowdfunding platform based on its own blockchain

Tecra Space, as a platform operating on the principles similar to equity offering crowdfunding, allows both to participate in the implementation of promising ideas and to profit from the commercialization of projects. Compared to traditional equity crowdfunding, investors can also count on additional advantages: no taxation, transparent exit from the investment or no upper limit on the amount collected for a given project.

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Scientists and startups with the aim to raise capital and broaden society’s horizons with new inventions and vision of the world.



Individual or institutional investors willing to invest in projects with high commercial potential. Those who want to benefit from investing in futuristic ideas.


Informed users are the most important element that determines the development of projects.

One of our main missions is to make users aware of the potential and opportunities provided by cryptocurrencies and blockchain and their contribution to certain markets and mankind. In the "news" section, we publish articles about the Tecra project, as well as events and trends from the blockchain world.

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