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Crypto Crowdfunding

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TecraCoin - the gateway to the world of project investments and the means of payment on crowdfunding platform Tecra Space. One of the core elements of Tecra’s ecosystem.

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The Crowdfunding Revolution

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Tecra is creating a crowdfunding platform based on a proprietary blockchain that ensures transparency of investments.

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Decentralization of assets

Financed by EU grant, decentralized exchange is a hub of valued tokens and IPR assets. The ultimate link in the project investment system.

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Project co-financed by the European Union
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"Hot on the heels of launching its crypto-powered crowdfunding platform in May, a blockchain firm dedicated to supporting R&D for hi-tech projects is entering the DeFi space with its own decentralized exchange..."

"All elements of Tecra’s ecosystem have been applied with deliberation and serve a specific function..."

"Tecra Space is one of Tecra’s projects aiming to resolve certain issues in the investment, funds raising and intellectual property rights sectors using modern ..."

"The past few weeks brought a number of important developments for Tecra and its community and caused the project to gain some well-deserved attention among cryptocurrency traders."

"Tecra avoids generalizing all DEX exchanges and names Uniswap for a reason, as they are currently working on developing their own decentralized exchange, Tecra DEX, which should be launched in the near future..."

"In recent weeks a lot has been happening for Tecra and its community. New investment and trading opportunities are now available to TecraCoin holders!..."

"Tecra has big plans for the upcoming months. About a month ago the first project (a photovoltaic farm by Expanse Plus) began fundraising on Tecra Space - but the platform is not slowing down..."

Current projects

Crowdfunding Opportunities for TecraCoin Holders

active active



A series of turn-based strategy games with RPG elements, inspired by a post-apocalyptic world, developed by veterans of the industry with experience from many successful projects, such as RONIN (2015), Scythe (2018) and Tools Up! (2019). The world they have created will amaze you more than the movies and your own imagination.

Raised capital: 3 064 739.38 USDT
10 000 000 USDT
Soft cap: 2 000 000 USDT
Hard cap: 10 000 000 USDT
active active

Belters - Mining Farm

Cryptocurrencies, mining

Have you ever thought of starting a cryptocurrency mine, but you don't have the necessary equipment or knowledge? Become part of the Belters project! The company has its own mining farm that you will be able to profit from. The project has been on the market since 2017, and the current capacity of the farm is about 25 GH/s.

Raised capital: 13 250 USDT
333 333.33 USDT
Soft cap: 166 667 USDT
Hard cap: 333 333 USDT
active active

EREMITA Film Production

Cinematography, Movies

Is there a Polish mafia? How does it function? What kind of money they were running and what was it spent on? What were they making most of their money on? What are the connections of the criminal world with business, politics, and law enforcement? We would like to satisfy this audiences curiosity with a 120 minutes narrative film, based on the novel "Naprędce napisana historia", written by Ryszard Cichy.

Collected: 161 USDT
5 000 000 USDT
Soft cap: 2 500 000 USDT
Hard cap: 5 000 000 USDT
upcoming upcoming

Dream Island

Art, Inspiration

A platform that offers support to undiscovered artists in many fields of art and sports. Participants receive business, marketing and sales assistance. Dream Island platform will support creatives through NFT tokens and DRM - the project's tokens. Motto: Make the world a better place.

Raised capital: 0 USDT
890 000 USDT
Soft cap: 210 000 USDT
Hard cap: 890 000 USDT
finished finished

Expanse Plus - Solar Power Plant

Energy, Renewables

The project involves the construction of two solar power plants with a total capacity of 1.4 MW. When the minimum fundraising amount is achieved, a 0.5 MW photovoltaic farm will be built. When the fundraising reaches the target, the second solar power plant will be built with a capacity of 0.9 MW. The crowdfunding campaign ended on August 8.

Raised capital: 443 460 USDT
1 200 000 USDT
Soft cap: 410 000 USDT
: 0 investors
Hard cap: 1 200 000 USDT
finished finished

Graphene bulb

Light, Graphene

High-quality graphene bulb with an innovative design as well as a wide commercial use and health benefits for human eye sight. The developed method of white light generation is unique. The resulting new light source will be a product innovation.

Raised capital: 526 993 USDT
526 993 USDT
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Tecra will facilitate the fundraising process for high-tech projects. Fill in the form to proceed and leave us info about your project. Our experts will analyze your application and we'll get back to you soon.

We will not disclose any information without your consent.

The Idea

Tecra Space is crowdfunding platform based on its own blockchain

Tecra Space, as a platform operating on the principles similar to equity offering crowdfunding, allows both to participate in the implementation of promising ideas and to profit from the commercialization of projects. Compared to traditional equity crowdfunding, investors can also count on additional advantages: no taxation, transparent exit from the investment or no upper limit on the amount collected for a given project.

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Scientists and startups with the aim to raise capital and broaden society’s horizons with new inventions and vision of the world.



Individual or institutional investors willing to invest in projects with high commercial potential. Those who want to benefit from investing in futuristic ideas.


Informed users are the most important element that determines the development of projects.

One of our main missions is to make users aware of the potential and opportunities provided by cryptocurrencies and blockchain and their contribution to certain markets and mankind. In the "news" section, we publish articles about the Tecra project, as well as events and trends from the blockchain world.

Tecra Space, Projects, Press release

What is going on in active projects on...


Upcoming trailer of the first game of Interregnum series, expansion of one of the biggest mining farms in Poland, and...

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Press release

Tecra Updates #2


Unique function for premium account users, masternodes and dashboard actualizations, new fundraising campaign and...

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Blockchain, Press release

How to unlock TCRs from old masternodes...


Many of you have had questions about uninstalling a masternode. In this guide, we will lead you through this...

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TecraCoin, Blockchain, Press release

Tecra 2.0 Migration Instruction


We invite you to read the instructions on how to properly convert your TecraCoins from the old native blockchain to...

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Press release

Check out the update coming on November 8!


During the week on our social media, you've been watching the consecutive unveiling of new products on the platform,...

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