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Tecra Live Highlights

Tecra Space, Summary

Read the highlights of a recently held live, where our CEO Przemysław Karda explains how we’re changing for you and what lies ahead.

On May 9th we held a live with Tecra Space CEO, Przemysław Karda, in which he presented the essential updates that our team had been working on for the last three months. We are excited to present the main highlights and share the plans for the development of our company.

Changes in platform design

The latest update completely changed the look of our platform. We adjusted the color scheme to a lighter one and, more importantly, we made sure its layout is crowdfunding-focused. We added new tabs, such as START INVESTING and GET FUNDING to make it easier to navigate through the website and explain in a clear way what are the benefits of blockchain-based crowdfunding.

Launch of new crowdfunding campaigns

We are very excited to announce that in the next couple of weeks new crowdfunding campaigns will be listed on our platform. We are completing all the necessary actions and will release new information about those fundraisers shortly.

Updated Road Map 

Even though we, as the Tecra Space team, are doing everything we can to stay on time on our Road Map, sadly we have some delays. It is caused by a fast expansion of our ecosystem and various security audits regularly taking place. Below we included its updated version for upcoming years.

Q2 2022

At the end of Q2, we will have completed a full panel for both users and startups. Many startups from different business categories want to host their campaigns on our platform, so our priority is to make that experience effortless and user-friendly. That’s why we focused heavily on users putting all the necessary information about campaigns in one central place. This is a great advantage in itself since the user can see that the project has many benefits for the community. 

Q3 2022

The plan for Q3 is to add a fully functioning Tokens Creation panel and a Startups Fundraising panel. This will automate the process of setting up new campaigns, which will also increase their number, and give startups the independence to create fundraisers. 

Q4 2022

We expect the DEX/CEX to launch at the end of 2022. We want to assure you that we are doing all we can to finish this process as soon as possible, but to make sure the exchange works properly we have to convey various tests and audits to ensure its security.

The DAO voting system is also scheduled to be launched by the end of 2022. This system is an essential element of the Tecra ecosystem and will allow the community to vote for projects they are interested in. We have allocated 126,000,000 TCR for this program and only the users will choose which startups they are interested in and can be listed on the platform. 

There is no doubt that Web3 is already becoming a big part of life, not just for crypto-oriented people, but for a large part of the population. So in the fourth quarter, we want to integrate Web3 technology with Metamask for a better user experience.

Q1 2023 

We plan to make a platform that will be relevant to the technology of all available startups on the platform and will be able to exchange not only on the Tecra blockchain but also on other blockchains. At that time we plan to create a bridge to bring this feature to life. 

Q2 2023

A Tecra explorer will be created and we will make sure it’s more user-friendly, clear and understandable.

Q3 2023

We plan to set up a mobile wallet that will be available on IOS and Android. Listing on additional exchanges will also take place.

Q4 2023

Our goal is to have 100 new crowdfunding campaigns listed on the exchange by that time. 

Overall, the Tecra ecosystem is still expanding as we are continuously working to bring new features to life. From listing new, exciting fundraisers, through implementing new functions and software, to our own exchange and mobile wallet, the future is definitely bright for Tecra Space. The pace of our development does not slow down and we will keep it this way. Thank you for your support and stay tuned!  

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Thanks for your support!
Tecra Team

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