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New blockchain

Tecra 2.0 means reliability, stability and the paramount security

Tecra 2.0 motivation

The origins of the new blockchain

Tokenization platform embedded in the Tecra business model allows project Creators to enlist their project tokens and collect funds from Investors who can support project ideas. Solution is based on Tecra blockchain technology which ensures trust and transparency. Next step in the development process will be launching a custom decentralised exchange and extending Creators’ business possibilities. Project tokens will be tradable on Tecra DEX using a well-known and reliable liquidity pool model.

To build an efficient DEX it is necessary to consider further development of current blockchain implementation which has limited performance, high block time (~2.5 minutes) and supports only tokens built with omnilayer. We would like to provide our users with the best experience on Tecra platform and ensure high performance, scalability and security when using our software. A natural decision to make is to move away from current blockchain implementation to a solution that is more business-oriented and better serves commerce purposes.

Therefore, we started to work on the new blockchain network based on Ethereum public-permissioned solutions, such as Clique and Aura. This tab covers technical specification of the network, consensus protocol, tokenomics and migration process from the old Tecra blockchain.

Highlights of Tecra 2.0

Performance boost

The Tecra ecosystem needs to handle more transactions per second, therefore Tecra 2.0 will be faster and cheaper to use.

Connecting to wallets

Using Tecra 2.0 you can add your TecraCoins to the most popular wallets like MetaMask.

Connecting to exchanges

Tecra 2.0 makes integrating with new exchanges faster and less complicated.

Higher protection

The new protocol more solidly protects our users from all types of attacks.
Technical information

Deflation & native coins distribution

Tecra 2.0 is designed to be deflationary cryptocurrency. It means that the TCR premined amount will be gradually reduced by eliminating coins from the market in a burning process. The elimination process will be achieved through validators actions. Transaction fees are paid to validators nodes that are responsible for sealing new blocks

Accumulated fees will be transferred to dedicated burn address 0xdEad000000000000000000000000000000000000 without the option to be recovered.

Native coin distribution

Total number of coins: 210 000 000 TCR
Number of coins reserved for swap: 85 000 000 TCR

Total number of coins210 000 000 TCR
Number of coins reserved for swap85 000 000 TCR
Tecra Funding (science)*87 500 000 TCR
Masternode**12 500 000 TCR
Smart Deposit***12 500 000 TCR
Dev Team12 500 000 TCR

*More information soon

Funds will be released in a daily cycle

To reflect block reward halving on old Tecra blockchain, the number of released coins will be changed periodically.

In the first period, until 31 Dec 2022, smart contracts will be releasing 64 800 TCR per day.

In the second period, from 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2026, smart contracts will be releasing 32 400 TCR per day.

During another period of 4 years, smart contracts will be releasing 16 200 TCR per day. Next 4 years, smart contracts will be releasing 8 100 TCR  per day. For the remaining years, smart contracts will be releasing 4 050 TCR per day.

** Masternode is a staking service that requires a minimum amount of 10 000 TCR staked in order to receive staking reward. It offers a higher interest rate than Smart Deposit.

*** Smart Deposit is a staking service available for TCR holders.

Coins will be split as follows:

Tecra Funding (Science)70%
Smart Deposit10%
Dev Team10%


Cryptocurrency exchanges
Uniswap protocol


Available trading pairs: TCR/USDT
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Cryptocurrency exchange


Available trading pairs: TCR/USDT
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Cryptocurrency exchange


Available trading pairs: TCR/USDT, TCR/ETH
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Cryptocurrency exchange


Coming soon
Connectivity of TecraCoin 2.0

Store TCR in your favorite wallet

Manage your money with your favorite cryptocurrency wallet. The new blockchain allows you to add TecraCoin to the most popular wallet like Metamask. Tecra certified wallet is only available on Tecra Space - mobile or desktop manage your funds directly on the crowdinvesting platform.

Certified Tecra Wallet

Use the wallet on the Tecra Space platform for your cryptocurrency transactions. Get instant access to your cryptocurrency and token wallets, fund deposits and withdrawals, directly purchasing tokens of promising startups, and now you can also track the status of your transactions right in your dashboard.
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Browser plug-in

Available on:
Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge


Mobile version

Available on:
iOS, Android