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How the Various Components of the Tecra Ecosystem Work

Tecra Space's operating scheme

How Do You Actually Generate Benefits Using the Tecra Ecosystem?

Every project launching a fundraising campaign issues its own tokens, which we refer to as project tokens. While fundraising is running, tokens can be purchased using our TecraCoin cryptocurrency and ETH/USDT to support the project. The project token represents the proof of agreement with the creator, as well as carries crypto-capital value. This is because tokens represent early-stage startups and will be tradable on our decentralized Tecra DEX exchange at the beginning of 2022. Project creators are also contracted to spend a certain amount of their revenue to repurchase tokens from the market once the project enters the commercialization stage.

So what does this all mean? Let's take the example of the photovoltaic farm project of Expanse Plus, whose campaign has already been launched on our platform. During the fundraising, SUN tokens can be purchased to support the project. Once the project reaches its softcap, the project implementation phase will begin.  It will obligate the creators to contribute 80% of their revenue to repurchase the tokens from the market over a period of 15 years. Repurchases will be conducted quarterly and will start in the first quarter of 2022 on Tecra DEX.

 See the fundraising page

Invest in project with TCR/ETH/USDT
Hold on until the fundraising campaign is successful
Project starts to achieve its established goals
Project developers acquire tokens from the market and then burn them

How do you benefit from having project tokens?

Tokens of real companies will be traded on DEX, and some will be re-purchased by project developers after the successful fundraising.

In addition, token holders can benefit from the bonuses offered by the Tecra Space platform. 3% of the funds raised during the campaign will be distributed among the token holders, and 2% will be designated for burning native TCRs from the exchanges, which will ultimately increase their market value.

The Idea of Tecra Space

New Type of Crowdfunding on the Tecra Space Platform

Tecra Space platform was created for creators who are looking to fund their unique projects in various emerging industries that are changing the world for the better. Our platform not only gives creators a chance to realize their projects, but also offers investors the opportunity to be a part of the most interesting projects with high commercialization potential.

Tokenization on the Tecra Space platform offers investors tokens with real value. The project tokens represent promising early stage startups. This tokenization solution provides an alternative to tokens, such as meme coins, which are currently flooding the market but represent no tangible value.

Project tokens will be traded on our own decentralized exchange, Tecra DEX. The exchange will be launched in early 2022.

The Value of Tokens

Project tokens represent real companies. Token holders will be able to earn money by trading tokens, the repurchasing of tokens by project creators, and will receive an additional bonus of in the form of a  commission - 3% of the money collected during fundraising will be distributed among all project token holders.

Tecra Space

This is the place where you can buy project tokens using TCR/ETH/USDT. You can buy our cryptocurrency on exchanges such as Hotbit and Uniswap, or directly on our platform. TCR can be purchased with fiat money (USD, EUR, PLN) after passing the KYC, and with other cryptocurrencies (USDT, ETH) without account verification.

Tecra DEX

Project tokens will be traded exclusively on our decentralized Tecra DEX exchange. It will also feature the most popular cryptocurrencies and our own TecraCoin. The exchange is scheduled to launch in early 2022.


The value of the cryptocurrency is directly linked to the success of projects on our crowdfunding platform

This means that the price of the coin will increase over time, along with the number of projects that successfully complete their fundraising. Holders of TecraCoin can trade it on both CEX (native TCR) and DEX (TCR on the ERC-20 blockchain). TecraCoin is currently available on the Hotbit and Uniswap exchanges.

Bridge Between the Tecra Blockchain and the Ethereum Blockchain


Native Blockchain

The native blockchain was created to implement Tecra’s core projects, such as our own cryptocurrency TecraCoin, Tecra Space tokenization platform, and the decentralized exchange Tecra DEX.

Max supply:

210 000 000 TCR

Current supply

79 932 863 TCR

Burned coins:

7045728.13187255 TCR

TecraCoin transfer


This is a gateway that converts native TecraCoin to TecraCoin on the ERC-20 blockchain, which is compatible with the Uniswap decentralized exchange. The gateway is available only on our platform. You will need to pass KYC verification in order to make an exchange. A weekly conversion limit has also been introduced.

To avoid coin duplication, creating new TCR on ERC-20 will result in an equal number of coins being burned on the native Tecra blockchain.

Basic information:

Native coins and tokens on ERC-20 are not duplicated. This means that any native coin transferred to ERC-20 will be burned at a 1:1 ratio.

Bridge tracking address:

Limits on conversion:

 Maximum of $500 worth of TCR can be converted each week. The limit is reset every Monday.*

 Passing the KYC verification - instruction.

*A person buying TCR after May 7th 2021 on our platform can exchange them without limit.

TecraCoin ERC-20

Ethereum Blockchain

In order to globalize our project, we created a token on ERC-20 that mirrors TCR on the native blockchain. Thanks to this solution, we are able to integrate much quicker and easier with new exchanges.

Current supply

997,583.373 TCR

Burned tokens

2416.627 TCR

New exchanges