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Tecra Space Q1 2023 summary


The latest news from Tecra Space world and updates on the progress of ecosystem development.

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Tecra Space, Projects

Spacewalkers And Belters Crowdfunding Campaigns Updates


In this release, we take a look at the major updates to the Spacewalkers and Belters crowdfunding campaigns.

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Tecra Space, Summary

Tecra Live Highlights


Read the highlights of a recently held live, where our CEO Przemysław Karda explains how we’re changing for you and what lies ahead.

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Tecra Space

Major update on Tecra Space


A major update to the platform which includes a new website design with the addition of many features is now available. In this article, we'll go through the new functionality that will make the platform more crowdfunding-oriented.

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Blockchain, Tecra Space

Crypto Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is taking a new shape and is increasingly going in the direction of blockchain. Crypto crowdfunding is already taking root on the Internet, and users are more often using this type of fundraising.

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Tecra Space, Projects

How to invest in projects on the Tecra Space platform?


There are several options for investing in a project token on the Tecra Space platform. In this article, we will look at all options in detail and explain how to buy them in the easiest and most profitable for users way.

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Blockchain, Crypto World

Digital world has seen everything, but not in one place - Metaverse overview


Augmented Reality, NFT tokens, digitalization by Web 3.0, decentralized finance, Crowdfunding 3.0, or how will the world digitalization develop in the next years? Tecra gives its opinion on the upcoming technology trends.

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Tecra Space, Projects, Press release

What is going on in active projects on Tecra Space? Autumn 2021 review


Upcoming trailer of the first game of Interregnum series, expansion of one of the biggest mining farms in Poland, and the movie production with the interesting plot both in art and financial matter. What is new in Tecra’s fundraising...

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Press release

Tecra Updates #2


Unique function for premium account users, masternodes and dashboard actualizations, new fundraising campaign and many other things in our new updates review.

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Blockchain, Press release

How to unlock TCRs from old masternodes and set up a new one on the platform


Many of you have had questions about uninstalling a masternode. In this guide, we will lead you through this procedure of unlocking TCRs from old masternodes and show you how to create a new masternode with one click.

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TecraCoin, Blockchain, Press release

Tecra 2.0 Migration Instruction


We invite you to read the instructions on how to properly convert your TecraCoins from the old native blockchain to the new Tecra 2.0. If you want to safely convert your coins, we strongly recommend you to read this material. The time...

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Press release

Check out the update coming on November 8!


During the week on our social media, you've been watching the consecutive unveiling of new products on the platform, which are part of a big update. This update marks an important milestone and provides a solid base for further...

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