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How to correctly pass KYC on Tecra Space


Read a short instruction on how to swiftly pass the KYC verification, that will allow you to purchase TecraCoin for fiat money directly on Tecra Space platform.

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Backstage at Tecra’s headquarters


Although this year’s launch of the crowdfunding campaigns on Tecra Space is still ahead of us, a lot has been going on at Tecra. Read what exactly our developers and marketing team are working on and find out about Tecra's plans for the...

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The Bright Future of Altcoins on the Worldwide Cryptocurrency Market


Even people not in the slightest associated with the world of cryptocurrencies have heard about Bitcoin. The value of the original cryptocurrency is at an all time high, but other currencies can also boast about their strong performance...

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Smart Deposit - an alternative to Masternode


Are you looking for an alternative profit method to operating Masternode? We have an easy solution!

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Mandatory updates


Make sure you don't skip any!

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Will TecraCoin be listed on the Binance DEX? It depends on you!


Our cryptocurrency TecraCoin has submitted an application form to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world! Get in and vote!

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Technical news from Tecra!


Registering the old masternodes in the new Deterministic Tnodes system. New Deterministic Tnodes system will be more functional! You can send your masternode rewards to an address in another wallet, delegate your voting power to another...

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How to create digital cryptocurrency wallets in a few easy steps? TCR, USDT and ETH.


Short and intuitive instruction on how to create and use Tether, Ethereum and TecraCoin wallets.

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Smart Contracts - the future of crowdfunding


Smart contracts are another step in the digital transformation. How can they help to improve crowdfunding?

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Who Is the Mysterious Creator of Bitcoin?


Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the individual who stands behind the creation of the first and most famous cryptocurrency in the world. However, who the most important person in the history of Bitcoin really is?

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Mandatory Update of the Wallet (TecraCoin Core 1.7)


Mandatory Update of the TecraCoin Core 1.7

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2020 - Yearly Summary!


2020 has been filled with challenges for everyone. Thankfully, despite difficult circumstances people have been facing, this year has also proven to be a year of growth and numerous noteworthy achievements for businesses such as Tecra....

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