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Tecra Updates #2


Unique function for premium account users, masternodes and dashboard actualizations, new fundraising campaign and many other things in our new updates review.

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How to unlock TCRs from old masternodes and set up a new one on the platform


Many of you have had questions about uninstalling a masternode. In this guide, we will lead you through this procedure of unlocking TCRs from old masternodes and show you how to create a new masternode with one click.

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Tecra 2.0 Migration Instruction


We invite you to read the instructions on how to properly convert your TecraCoins from the old native blockchain to the new Tecra 2.0. If you want to safely convert your coins, we strongly recommend you to read this material. The time...

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Press release

Check out the update coming on November 8!


During the week on our social media, you've been watching the consecutive unveiling of new products on the platform, which are part of a big update. This update marks an important milestone and provides a solid base for further...

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Mandatory TCR transfer from Hotbit by November 7


Every TCR holder of native blockchain with funds on Hotbit is obliged to withdraw TecraCoins to the platform

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Blockchain revolutionizes fundraising exposing new perspectives on investing in startups


Waiting to finally monetize your investments but the project is not fully ready? What if it is never going to happen? Let's forget this nightmare and take a look at how blockchain technology is giving a free hand to both the creators and...

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Press release

TecraCoin on Bittrex


Another milestone reached! See more about the new exchange for TecraCoin ERC-20 and find out what new opportunities it will bring to TCR holders!

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Tecra Updates #1


We have prepared for you the results of the last two weeks, which brought many updates.

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Premium accounts are available!


A new type of account was added to our platform! Find out what unique features Premium accounts have to offer and how they can improve your Tecra Space experience.

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New fundraising campaigns on Tecra Space


Any moment now, new projects will start their crowdfunding campaigns. Find out about upcoming investment opportunities and great projects you can be a part of.

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Press release

We have increased the liquidity pool on Uniswap!


Great news for TCR traders on Uniswap. We have increased the liquidity pool to $1,200,000!

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Don’t miss out on current arbitrage trading opportunities with TecraCoin!


The loss of confidence in the Hotbit exchange and differences between TCR prices will not be a problem - arbitrage trading will provide new trading opportunities.

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