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Tecra Updates #2

Press release

Unique function for premium account users, masternodes and dashboard actualizations, new fundraising campaign and many other things in our new updates review.

Let’s take a look at the recent updates on Tecra Space.

First art-related fundraising campaign

The movie project is going to raise as much as 5 000 000 USDT for “SILENT” film production purposes. Therefore 6 000 000 SLT tokens were emitted on Tecra Space. Don’t forget that when purchasing the tokens by TecraCoin you are getting the discounted price of the token (it applies to any projects listed on the platform). The project will earmark 12.5% of the revenues from the film, for the repurchasing the SLT tokens from the market for the 5 years.

Research the whole fundraising project on 

TecraCoin Smart Deposit for premium accounts

From now staking program TecraCoin Smart Deposit is available only for users with a premium account. What benefits come along with that change? Due to the staking program mechanism, the more users set Smart Deposit the less interest rate is given out to holders. Therefore, now when creating the deposit the return can be higher than before. 

Dashboard and masternodes tabs actualizations

This set of changes are mainly concerned with adding more user-friendly features and fixing display bugs on some elements of the platform:

  • Bugs with the "SELECT" button in the "DASHBOARD" tab have been fixed - now all the actions are available to select;

  • The transaction history now shows the date individually for each currency/coin; 

  • Fixed an error in the interest rate display in Smart Deposit simulation. Now, the staking program's percentage is displayed according to the intended amount of the deposit;

  • Added the selection option by payment method to Orders History tab;

  • Added the "SET MAX" button when willing to create Smart Deposit with for all your funds;

  • Added user-friendly feature - a field where you can enter a specific amount of TCR to create a smart deposit;

  • We kept the option to check the simulation and research the return from the staking program even when the user doesn’t possess any coins.

Displaying the masternode reward 

The masternode reward section is now showing the proper number of rewarded coins.
Additionally, now, when creating every consecutive masternode the rewards from the previous ones will be paid out automatically.

Fundraisers’ statuses

We have added the CEX and DEX icons to the fundraising campaigns banners on the shortlist. It’s just a little quirky feature, that shows what tokens will be tradable on which particular exchange. As of today, all three tokens from active projects are going to be listed on both CEX and DEX platforms.

Hotbit status

Tecra team is sincerely sorry for the delay with TCR2 switching on Hotbit exchange. We are in close contact with Hotbit team and from the latest information received, the implementation of the new TCR contract is still in pending status.

Bittrex&TecraCoin AMA

On the 19th of November, there was AMA (Ask me Anything) between the Bittrex and Tecra’s board represented by Przemyslaw Karda. The interview has taken a place on the telegram group of exchange where the founder of TCR told the Bittrex community about the potential and future of the Tecra project. Let's take a look at the whole AMA script.

General host's questions:

First of all, please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Przemek Karda, and I have been involved with blockchain & IT technologies and start-up environment since 2013. I am the CEO and co-founder of Tecra. I am also an advisor to several Silicon Valley-based startups. In 2020 we’ve been selected as one of the most promising start-ups by Google & Singularity University.

Can you provide a brief introduction to Tecra?

Tecra is a unique & holistic ecosystem for retail investors & start-ups, providing a platform for tokenization of start-ups’ fundraising, with its own cryptocurrency (TCR coin) and dedicated CEX and DEX exchanges (under development).

Sounds interesting
What was the motivation behind starting this project?

Just kidding;) We came across quite serious problems regarding the freedom to invest in startups for people from all over the world. It turned out that many startups that can improve the world do not have a global platform to infect people like themselves who are scattered around the world with their ideas. Of course, there is a Kickstarter, but it does not solve the problems and relies on donations, there is nothing to invest in and equity crowdfunding has more disadvantages than advantages. We wanted to combine the crowdfunding market with crowdinvesting to minimize risks and at the same time make supporting noble ideas a form of investment in a safe and transparent way, seeing how much fraud and damage have been done by ICOs.

Were there any major milestones for Tecra this year?

Most important is finishing the migration to the new blockchain Tecra 2.0. It will be a huge ecosystem of startups and their tokens based on Tecra solutions in the whole Tecra ecosystem.

We’d also love to know if there are any short-term, or long-term goals for this project?

So let's start from the short-term.

Short-term, it is to finish by Q2 2022 our two exchanges DEX and CEX with FIAT supported for cryptocurrencies and finish automatic voting system for tokenization of startups, adding new collection in an automatic way with semi-automatic law regulation creator, in order to start adding in an easy way a lot of startups monthly. We also want to achieve a 45% success rate and make $1M fundraising easy to obtain within 3 months of collection by 1000 startups annually. We want to achieve it by 2024.

And long term.

Long-term goals are more ambitious, we want not only to finish the whole ecosystem of startups tokenization but also implement DAO and governance solutions for Tecra as the first global community investment fund using TecraCoin. Adding one by one law jurisdiction to not only support technologically creating a token and listing on exchange but also as the first company in the world give startups ready-to-go law solutions for each country. So they will be secured and their supporters will also be secured for example from SEC or other financial institutions claims. Our success rate should be also on level 45% but $1M will be easy to obtain within 1 month of collection but the number of startups will be 12 000 annually. We want to achieve it by 2028.

Seems very promising
What is your project’s business model?

We have none, to the moon ;)
Okay but seriously.
Tecra’s fee is 7% divided as 3% for TCR coin burning, 2% retail investors airdrops & 2% platform fee. We also offer premium accounts for Investors and advertising in the future on Tecra Space.

Ok, thanks
What do you think the development trends in the crypto assets realm will look like towards 2022?

More regulations, a lot more. We also think that the cryptocurrencies bubble will burst.
Unfortunately, a majority of projects will disappear with investors' money. This is a very similar way of creating a market like the .com bubble. Only strong projects with law regulations and strong utility will survive. NFT and Defi yes, but in the end, it will become regulated and will go more into financial institutions or even bank regulations than simple projects or startups.

Thanks for your amazing answers. I am very engaged and pretty sure our community is also really interested in this project!

Community pre-selected questions

Question #1 from user 
How does TecraCoin handle government regulations and boundaries? And what mechanisms/strategies do you use to keep users motivated and present on your platform? What can the TecraCoin platform guarantee or promise in terms of the security and privacy of its users?

Thank you.

Tecra is co-funded by European Union grants. Legal compliance is an extremely important subject for us and we devote a lot of effort to provide a safe and regulated environment for our users. Tecra complies with all necessary laws in regards to security and privacy. We respect GDPR and also FINRA/SIPC regulations.

Question #2 from user 
What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand the project easily?

We know that the market should be educated, but every year we see that this process is accelerating. The most important thing is that users can invest funds with just a few clicks and that the AML / KYC process is carried out in a simple way and that it protects the personal data of users. We already know today that user verification will become a standard on the crypto market, and today's time of "pirates" will be forgotten. We develop very easy to go solutions with fast and secure access to invest in crypto by our third-party FIATs partners. We also know that the crypto market is only about 7% of the global population, so this is only the beginning of adoption.

Question #3 from user
Are you planning to Burn / Buyback  Tokens to increase their value and What is your Utility Token in the ecosystem and Where is token listed on the exchange market for me to buy. Can I give token smart contract?

3% from every fundraising done on Tecra Space platform is dedicated for burning of TCR coin. Tecra has 7 validators that are validating transactions. Every fee for validation is going to a burning address. In the long term this will provide a very strong deflation aspect to our cryptocurrency.

Question #4 from user 
How will you prevent "copies" of tokens from being included for the purpose of defrauding users? Do you have a system to remove these tokens from the pool?

Yes, this is the problem of this market.
We choose to not support those tokens by our platform. Investors will know that the only way to invest in startups tokens are DEX or CEX exchanges and any other place will be a fraud.

Question #5 from user
Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team??

70% is a long-term pool for our community funding of investments in technology startups in the future DAO model. 10% is for Masternodes, 10% for Smart Deposit (PoS) and 10% for developers. There will be 210 000 000 but in a strong deflation model, so truly speaking we will never reach 210 000 000.

Question #6 from user 
NFT is really trending topic, now in the market. So how do Your project plan to onboard the development of NFTs and how do Your project plan, combine it with Defi?

We are planning on implementing a whole NFT market on our blockchain Tecra 2.0, on our CEX exchange called BigBang (under development).

Question #7 from user 

I was studying your governance model and I discovered that users can TRANSFER their VOTING RIGHT. Why do you allow delegated and transferred voting? How will you ensure this will not be done indiscriminately to manipulate decisions in favor of certain interests????

Hmm, well. This is not correct. We do not have such a thing in our model. We have plans to introduce the DAO model, but in a legal and proper way not to become security. We will announce our voting model in 2022.

Question #8 from user
A lot of people will want to know what the strength of TecraCoin is but I want to know the weaknesses and problems TecraCoin faces? How do you plan to solve it?

We feel like the biggest weakness of Tecra is, paradoxically, that it’s very ambitious and aims to provide some real value/ service which seems not to be optimal for the crypto market in regards to the pure hazard that is presently dominating. Our project is more long-term, first devoting majority of the resources to the development in comparison to marketing for example.

I believe you will manage to solve these problems

Question #9 from user 
Who are your target customers- professional traders or the one's that are just getting TecraCoin   ted? Who can benefit the most from the tools that you are offering?

Our platform is dedicated for retail investors and start-ups. TCR coin is a suitable investment for both professional traders and crypto-beginners. Our exchanges are being developed in a way that will be extremely user-friendly, providing advanced tools for professional traders at the same time.

Question #10 from user
Why Is It Important To Invest In TecraCoin As An Investor And How Does TecraCoin Benefit It's Investors And Holders?

This is a long term project, secure and safe haven for crypto investors. We will stay in crypto for a long time.
Also - we have an ambition of providing a real impact on the world in the future, by tokenization and creating real investment fund and buying in the futre shares of technological companies and spend income from this shares on TecraCoin buyback program and burning program.

If you have more questions come to our Telegram:

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