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Spacewalkers And Belters Crowdfunding Campaigns Updates

Tecra Space, Projects

In this release, we take a look at the major updates to the Spacewalkers and Belters crowdfunding campaigns.

June 2022  turned out to be full of updates on the Tecra Space platform, and we'd like to highlight two main ones.

Gaming studio Spacewalkers extended its crowdfunding campaign. A new fundraising end is scheduled for December 31st, 2022. The startup's creators have continued their campaign for several reasons:

- Higher investment reliability by issuing more SWT tokens;
- The current panic in the cryptocurrency market "Bear Market";
- Starting in September, Spacewalkers is launching a marketing campaign with a digital marketing agency.

All of these reasons had a direct impact on the decision to prolong the campaign and aim to minimize any risks for the users who support the studio. 

A second, no less important event, is the end of the Belters collection. Unfortunately, fundraising to increase the capacity of the mining farm was not successful, The Tecra Space team wishes you every luck in the company expansion.

BLT token holders will be refunded in the currency in which the payment was made. For those who made payments in $TECRA refunds will be faster.

Aside from these two updates, our platform is expanding and we are preparing to launch two new fundraising campaigns, FitWave and Investing Town. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Fundraising Campaigns:
Investing Town

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