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Major update on Tecra Space

Tecra Space

A major update to the platform which includes a new website design with the addition of many features is now available. In this article, we'll go through the new functionality that will make the platform more crowdfunding-oriented.

Last May, we introduced the MVP version of the Tecra Space crowdfunding platform and since then, we have implemented various additions and changes to our website. Our goal was to make sure its features are, even more, intuitive, and easy to use.

The main page of the website introduces a new, crowdfunding-focused layout. We included currently listed projects, along with a summary and the necessary information. In that area, you can easily view the categories of the startups that are and were listed on the platform. It makes it easy for the investors to search for projects, depending on their interests. We also included user investing activity, as well as sections with news and suggestions, so you can explore the currently active features of our platform. In summary, the layout has been immensely improved and simplified, for your convenience. Another important addition is new tabs, visible at the top of the page.


This tab contains all crowdfunding campaigns listed on the platform, those currently active and already finished. It allows you to search by the name of the project, as well as sort by categories and some additional information. Selecting any of the fundraisers will redirect you to its home page containing all the information about the campaign.

Start Investing

This section is designed to explain the way that crowdfunding on Tecra Space works in an approachable way. It clearly shows our business model, as well as what makes us different from equity crowdfunding and IDO/ICO launchpads. It also explains how to use our products, such as Masternodes and Smart Deposits, to your advantage. 

Get Funding

In this tab, you will find out how to effectively host your startup and what are the benefits of blockchain-based crowdfunding. It also contains information about global security and compliance, as well as gives you an option to book an appointment with one of our representatives to find the best way to organize your crowdfunding campaign.

A new look of the homepage also has to be mentioned. The color scheme was changed to a lighter and more modern one, and new elements were implemented. From now on, we will focus more on 3D elements and keep it minimalistic, yet clear. Along with the design changes, we have also synchronized our social networks’ design, as well as the appearance of posts and banners.

Further updates will be associated with improving the functionality of the platform. We will implement a redirection, to purchase tokens by a link, without any additional actions, an easier registration process on the platform, and a simplified purchase path.

Even more information about the update will be released soon. We are very grateful for your engagement and appreciation. Thank you, and stay tuned!

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Thanks for your support!
Tecra Team

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