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Etherland is a blockchain-powered project seeking to revolutionize the global real estate industry. The project’s approach leverages the power of decentralized technologies to address longstanding challenges within the sector. Etherland's existing B2B-focused ProApp utilizes secure document management, streamlined workflows, and decentralized identifiers to enhance the efficiency and transparency of real estate transactions.


Beyond its B2B focus, Etherland envisions a future where the blockchain plays a vital role in preserving cultural heritage. The Estatepedia proposition aims to create a decentralized repository of historical landmarks and sites where LANDID NFTs could safeguard invaluable information and create new ways to experience and protect our shared history.

Problem: Challenges Facing Real Estate and Cultural Heritage

The global real estate industry grapples with persistent inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and unreliable data infrastructure. Simultaneously, our cultural heritage sites face constant threats, highlighting the urgent need for innovative and secure preservation solutions.

Real Estate Inefficiencies

  • Outdated processes, burdened by excessive paperwork and delays, increased costs, and caused frustration for all parties involved.

  • Fragmented data sources and a lack of secure database communication hinder efficient decision-making and market transparency.

Security Risks

  • Sensitive real estate documents are often stored in outdated or vulnerable centralized systems, increasing the risk of fraud, tampering, or loss.

  • Verifying ownership histories and property details can be a complex and time-consuming process, creating uncertainty within the market.

Threats to Our Heritage

  • Historical landmarks and cultural sites face constant risks from development, neglect, and even natural disasters.
  • Traditional preservation methods often lack the scalability and security to ensure these treasures endure for future generations.

Solution: Etherland's Blockchain-Powered Transformation

The solution to the issues facing the real estate industry is not fractionalization, despite the countless number of crypto projects promoting this idea, as that requires an unprecedented upheaval of an existing legacy industry. Etherland’s unique approach harnesses the power of blockchain technology to address the challenges facing the real estate sector and cultural heritage preservation through various documentation storage and exchange systems. Here's how:

Streamlining Real Estate Processes

  • Secure Document Management: Blockchain provides a tamper-proof ledger for storing and managing real estate documents (deeds, appraisals, surveys, etc.).

  • Automated Workflows: Smart contracts streamline transactions, reduce paperwork, and minimize the potential for delays and errors.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

  • Estatepedia: This decentralized repository safeguards historical landmarks and sites with NFTs that store textual records, images, and potentially even 3D models.

  • Immutable Records: Blockchain ensures the longevity and authenticity of cultural heritage information, protecting it for future generations.

Building a Data-Centric Foundation

  • Enhanced Transparency: A reliable and transparent record of property ownership and history boosts trust and efficiency within the market.
  • Reliable Data: Secure storage and streamlined access to crucial information empower better decision-making for real estate professionals and stakeholders.

Use of Funds: Fuelling Innovation and Growth

Your participation in the Etherland Tecra Raise will directly accelerate the development of its blockchain-based solutions, driving innovation in the real estate industry and beyond. 

To allow for logical and efficient allocation of resources in functionality development, we have decided to exercise a gradual, milestone-based unlocking of features and rewards for specific funding goals. For more details, see the “Milestones” page.

Reward Tiers

We intend to reward crowdfunding investors for their essential participation in the development of our project. Thus, we have created a comprehensive reward structure, funneling all our skills into the most desirable products we can offer.

Investment Tiers: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

The Etherland Tecra Raise offers a range of investment tiers, each granting you a unique NFT investment certificate. These distinctive NFTs provide escalating benefits within the Etherland ecosystem. Refer to the table below for a full breakdown of reward tier offerings.

I. NFT Investment Certificates

Each investment tier includes a unique NFT investment certificate. These distinctive NFTs grant you several escalating benefits, including:

  • Community Status: Unlock special status and recognition within Etherland's social communities on platforms like Discord and Telegram.
  • Investor Access: Gain exclusive access to investor-only channels, providing direct communication with the Etherland team.
  • DAO Voting Power: Your certificate determines your voting influence within the Etherland DAO. Higher tiers grant greater power to shape the project's future.

II. Merch

The merch package includes high-quality black and white t-shirts and Etherland sweaters, all featuring the sleek Etherland logo linked to a unique NFT. This is your only chance to own this exclusive gear and represent your role in shaping the future of blockchain-based real estate.

III. 3D Holographic Fans

Master Pack and higher-tier backers in the Tecra Space campaign receive a cutting-edge HoloFan pre-loaded with exclusive 3D visualizations of Etherland's "Lost World" NFT collection. This unique reward offers a fully immersive way to experience stunning historical landmarks and vanished wonders.

IV. 25Go REFS Lifetime Account

As a top-tier Tecra Space campaign backer, you'll receive a lifetime 25Go REFS account. This cutting-edge file system offers ultra-secure, password-less storage for your most sensitive documents. Experience the future of personal cloud data management with REFS, designed for effortless file sharing and unbreakable encryption.

V. Staking’s Bonus Minting Credits

Staking Credits offer you a path to creating your own unique staking NFTs. Initially, each wallet receives 3 minting credits. Earn $1000 in staking rewards to unlock a credit, allowing you to transform your rewards into an NFT. Tecra Space campaign investors at certain levels receive bonus minting credits for a head start in building their NFT collection.

VI. Goodies

Gear up with the Etherland Goodies Bag! This exclusive reward includes a premium lighter, and pen emblazoned with the Etherland logo – practical tools with a touch of blockchain style.

VII. NFT Lottery

At the end of the Tecra Space campaign, a lottery will be held for all participants. Winners will be selected randomly, but those with more tickets have a better chance of winning. The rewards include the following:

  • 17 LANDID NFT minting rights and 5 Exclusive LANDID NFTs.
  • 40 LANDAO NFT minting rights which grant increased voting and governance rights in the DAO.
  • 1 unreleased Lost World NFT.
  • 1 custom LANDID NFT minting right designed based on your input.

To find out how many tickets you receive, refer back to the donation tiers.

VIII. Top 15 NFT drop Privileges

The top 15 investors will be rewarded with a valuable NFT. They will have the privilege, each in turn (from the largest investor to the 15th), to choose an NFT from the following categories:

  • Top 10 NFTs from the "LANDAO" collection (sorted by the voting power they confer)
  • 5 NFTs not for sale from the "Lost World" collection

This system guarantees exclusive access to rare and coveted NFTs to the most committed supporters.

(Obtaining the Top 15 NFT Drop Privileges do not disqualify you from the lottery*)

The Value of Etherland NFTs

Etherland NFTs aren't just digital collectibles; they unlock tangible benefits and real-world utility within the Etherland ecosystem:

  • Governance: Certain NFTs, like those from the LANDAO and LANDID collection, provide voting power in the Etherland DAO, allowing you to shape the project's future
  • Staking Rewards: Some NFTs may offer staking opportunities, generating potential returns
  • Exclusive Access: NFTs can unlock early access to new products, features, and potential future NFT drops
  • Solid Track Record: The last Etherland NFT collection has seen over $250,000 in trading volume and maintained a floor price above 1 ETH

DISCLAIMER: The Etherland fundraiser is conducted in the form of donation crowdfunding. By supporting the fundraiser, you receive THX tokens, which are only a representation of the purchased package and DO NOT CONSTITUTE THE RIGHT TO RECEIVE ELAND TOKENS.


ELAND is the utility token powering the Etherland ecosystem. It facilitates transactions, enables participation in governance, and offers potential staking rewards. The token has a fixed supply, with allocations for private rounds, teams and advisors, ecosystem development, and liquidity provision. This distribution model aims to ensure long-term sustainability and balanced growth for the project.

Total supply of tokens

41 024 063 ELAND

Current number of tokens held by Etherland

1 335 831 ELAND

Target number of tokens held
10 000 000 ELAND

The period of token repurchase 

Active as long as Etherland wallet doesn't have target number of tokens

Beginning of the repurchase As soon as profit are made
Percentage of profits30%

Frequency of repurchase


Allotment of funds

The Tecra Space campaign aims to advance the technology that gives Etherland value as an RWA blockchain project. $250,000 from the raise will be evenly distributed between B2B and B2C products, which form the backbone of Etherland’s vision for a blockchain-based real estate industry. Just over $70,000 will be committed to marketing to drive Etherland’s footprint in both the blockchain and real estate market, and the remaining funds will be committed to outsourcing and Tecra.

Crowdfunding milestones
I. Tech (Softcap)

Our first goal and soft cap, and the main reason for this fundraising effort, is to finance our technology for two purposes. Our B2B application in the medium and long term for real estate professionals and our B2C application in the short and long term to benefit our investors directly: "Preserving Human Heritage by Etherland."

A. Business to business

To implement our technology in the B2B sector, we plan to create the first decentralized platform dedicated to storing, managing, and processing real estate documents. Our technology will significantly reduce the delays and costs of managing, searching, and reissuing documents for key players in real estate. It will also facilitate the circulation of documents within companies and with various external stakeholders, such as notaries and governments, by implementing an innovative permissioned system automating the file access process. Additionally, it will contribute to compliance with current and future regulations, particularly those related to ESG, which will soon become central elements for real estate.

Unfortunately, we cannot target retailers reliably for this application scenario, hence our B2B focus. However, even if our users cannot benefit directly from those B2B products during the first years of our commercial launch, they will still benefit from our success in this market segment through the ELAND utility token that will serve as currency for all our transactions. See "MVP Development.pdf".

B. Business to client

To address this lack of immediate returns for crowdfunding investors, we have decided to relaunch our B2C segment, which was initially scheduled for later in our development.

To apply our technology in the B2C sector, we plan to create the first decentralized global database dedicated to our planet’s landmarks, gathering information about natural wonders and monuments throughout the ages. NFTs are minted to represent each landmark and integrate a link to curated data, such as videos, 3D representations, photos, and documents. Accessible to everyone through our "Estatepedia" platform, this data will contribute to preserving and sharing collective history. Through a Bounty program (detailed further), holders will be able to better their NFT’s content and appearance by seeking the community's contribution while offering financial rewards. They will also receive rewards through events & grants on special occasions.

C. Last details

This milestone and minimum threshold will not only finance technological development but also include the budget for operational marketing and the possibility of financing other basic features if necessary. The crowdfunding rewards unlocked by the softcap will not include the NFT Lottery & NFT Top 15 Privilege or Staking’s NFT Minting Credits. See "MVP Development.pdf".


To allow the community to feel involved in the decisions of the project, we will create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where our users will have the right to vote, allowing them to decide on strategic orientations for the B2C, crypto Etherland company and its development. It means that for all of Etherland’s B2C products and features (like Staking, Bounties, Listings, the DAO itself, …), users will be able to modify their behavior through proposals and votes of the DAO.

On top of releasing a new DAO NFT collection (LANDAO), we will also bring utility to the legacy collection (LANDID) by introducing a Voting Power (VP) algorithm based on the country of the NFT.

All crowdfunding investors will receive an investment certificate NFT (INVCERT) granting VP. Users not owning LANDAO, LANDID, or INVCERT will still be able to receive VP and vote using their ELAND holdings.

It is to be noted that NFTs & INVCERTs are favored to total more VP than ELAND. This is made willfully to reinforce NFTs’ utility, bring back interest in trading them, and globally increase their potential worth. See “DAO explainer.pdf” for details.

III. Staking + LANDIDs

A. Staking

The staking mechanism follows several major incentives. First, it is a much-requested feature amongst our community for the obvious reason of adding utility to the ELAND token. In our case, it is also a wonderful opportunity to enrich our reward ecosystem and add a new vector to enable users to generate worth and utility for their ELANDs and NFTs. In fact, our design encompasses two aspects: NFT & ELAND rewards.

The first classical mechanism, ELAND APR/APY returns over staked liquidity, will behave as all other regular staking incentives. A formula will adequately provide returns in ELAND tokens to investors who decided to provide liquidity to our Pancake Swap trading pair, being increasingly rewarding the more is staked.

On the other hand, we were also keen on providing means for our users to create more NFTs and subsequently create new opportunities to benefit from the most weighted DAO Voting Power pool: our NFTs. The conditions for minting new NFTs are as follows:

- All wallet addresses will have a total of 3 NFT Minting Credits.
- After 1000$ worth of ELAND staking rewards are cumulated, users can exchange their 1000$ worth of ELAND for the ability to use one NFT Minting Credit.
- If this investment tier is reached, the reward tiers will grant bonus NFT Minting Credits to crowdfunding investors, allowing for increased starting total NFT Minting Credits for their wallets.
- Even though the starting total NFT Minting Credits are set for all wallets the same, excluding crowdfunding bonuses, it is not finite. We might distribute NFT Minting Credits to users at a selective amount in future events or commercial collaborations.

See “Staking Explainer.pdf” for details.


Along with the staking mechanism, we will release the 17 unminted LANDIDs of the initial collection, adding more opportunities to become a lucky LANDID NFT holder.

IV. ELAND Listings (MID CAP)

A. Listing on top 10 exchange + Surprise Listing

As requested by many of our users, we are glad to announce that the midcap unlocks the long-anticipated listing of the ELAND token on a top 10 exchange! This listing will result in a healthy, high-quality trading pair and many co-marketing activities, increasing exposure and attractiveness to the ELAND token. We also intend to add another undisclosed listing to increase further the outreach of the ELAND token to the top 10 exchanges’ trader community. Together with our marketing and market-making efforts, these two listings will guarantee a stable user base and increased fidelity and activity into the ELAND token.

B. Midcap Rewards Unlocked

As the midcap is attained, two rewards from the reward tiers unlock:

- NFT Minting Credits (staking mechanism)
- NFT Lottery Entry Tickets

The NFT Lottery will be subsequently unlocked, enabling all users to be eligible for the distribution of LANDIDs, LANDAOs, and one custom LANDID.

See “Reward Tiers.pdf” & “Lottery Documentation.pdf”.


Our web-based bounty billboard is meant to incite people to exchange their skills against rewards. Users will be able to create bounties asking for content for their NFTs against a reward in ELAND, and others will undertake them from the billboard after reviewing the conditions.

The home page will display previews of earnings waiting to be claimed, and a dedicated earnings page will allow users to collect their earnings daily.

This is the last feature of the reward ecosystem, adding another layer of utility to the ELAND token and enabling more synergy between ELAND holding & NFT ownership.


A. Marketplace

Our custom marketplace will combine all our collections, such as LANDIDs, INVCERTs, and LANDAOs, in one convenient location.

With the help of OpenSea’s SDK, we can customize the product pages and integrate app components like our Private Filesystem or the Mapbox Cadaster as a bridge between products.

This ensures all users can access every product and functionality while raising the interoperability standard. At Etherland, we believe that convenience is critical, and our custom marketplace will be built with that in mind.

B. EstatepediaJS

We will upgrade the Estatepedia to a full-JS website to enable it to become an interactive platform, adapting its output content to the user’s authentication level and integrating the REFS, ProApp products, and their functionalities, like the Semi-Private Folders or a wider deployment of our APFA (Automated Permissioned File Access).

This will enable the public-facing part of all our stored data on real-estate properties to be displayed and lay the first brick towards onboarding retail customers.


A. Full Mapbox Cadaster

In the prevision of our Mobile App version 2.0 and our cadaster, we must create a custom map integrating data elements from all our digitalized Landmarks and properties. The amount of information displayed about tokenized places will depend on their category. For example, there will be far more information on the map and the pop-ups for properties in the Landmarks than in the Residential category.

As the primary goal is to support the Landmarks collection and subsequent mobile applications, the filter will be set by default on “Landmarks.” Some basic cadastral features will be already implementable at this stage, like land plot isolation, but will be thoroughly addressed later down the roadmap.

Our Mapbox Cadaster Evolution aims to push the integration of traditional cadastral features further, looking ahead to integration or even replacement of legacy services.

In fact, as a data storage platform, we have a wealth of information that we can display over the classic land plot and surface provided by current state-digitalized cadasters like France’s. This will even allow us to combine our modern satellite mapping data with legacy paper-based documents for better accuracy and traceability. It will prove to be great for tracking the evolution of certain zones and greatly facilitate urban planning.

B. Mobile App v2

The Mobile App 2.0 will have the same base functionalities as the current app, such as the map and AR catching game. However, this version will incorporate all the data on Landmarks from the legacy collection and enable users to walk through a city while learning more about the surrounding monuments with the AR mode.

On top of that, it will integrate new priorities, such as the bounties system and a creation tool. The idea is for the app to be a pocket update tool for the bounty hunter.

The user can undertake a bounty and plan his content hunt at home on his computer, then head outside and add information to the draft with his phone. The creation tool will allow users to start a Landmark tokenization draft from their phone while traveling in an Ingress-beta fashion.

C. Unreal Engine Metaverse

Our vision for the Unreal Engine Cultural Metaverse is to create an immersive experience that enables players to explore the monuments of the Lost Worlds and learn about their historical significance.
We will rely on our skilled 3D modeling team to create the 2D visuals beforehand to achieve this.

The last steps will involve designing and detailing the interior spaces and adding small elements such as pots, chairs, rugs, and painted pieces.

We plan to collaborate with specialized game designers and architects to ensure that the layouts and lighting of the interior spaces are of the finest quality, as well as historians for the accuracy of the representations.

For more: Preserving Human Heritage With Etherland’s Landmark Digitalization

Current projects

In response to your inquiries we have prepared a list of FAQs

Alexis Brand


Since childhood, I have had a keen interest in entrepreneurship and science. I am driven to employ cutting-edge...

Killian Vouillon


Passionate about new technologies, I have gained valuable experience in entrepreneurship through my various...

Victor Malle


I manage production in different areas of the company, including copywriting, marketing, and graphic...

Cristian Lopez

Creative Director

As an architectural visualization instructor, designer, and CG artist, I bring a passion for creativity...

Jay Ito

Lead Developer

At Etherland, I lead the development of cutting-edge decentralized applications for various domains,...

Guillaume Hebert

Marketing Manager

Passionate about video games and Hip-Hop culture, I specialize in digital marketing or event planning....

Camille Bouzerand

Blockchain Developer

Passionate about computer science and new technologies, I am a full-stack Web 2/3 developer for Etherland...

Sebastien Cotel

Greentech & Business Consultant

As an expert in Greentech through my decarbonization company and extensive business background, I advise...

Louis Lecailliez

Senior Developer

I am a graduate student in Computer Science (B.S.), Natural Language Processing (M.S.), and Japanese...

Julien Diana

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Having always been a big music listener and movie watcher, I take pride in having made my passions a...

Dominique Brand

AI & Tech Consultant

I have a lifetime of experience in computer science, security, and Artificial Intelligence. I currently...


Here are the major milestones in our company's development

Q1 2024

Q1 2024

2024 Completed

Multiple partnerships with strategic actors

- Multiple partnerships with strategic actors.
- Launch of full-scale marketing and community-building efforts.
- Strategic planning and first rewards production for crowdfunding.
- Beginning of R&D on multiple aspects: Core Tech, B2B, B2C,

Q2 2024

Q2 2024


Tecra Space fundraising campaign launched

- Tecra Space fundraising campaign launched.
- Expand marketing activities for full crowdfunding campaign support.
- New partnerships with a heightened focus on securing strategic technological resources, as well as future POCs.

Q3 2024

Q3 2024


Tecra Space fundraising campaign ends

- Tecra Space fundraising campaign ends.
- Listing on promised CEXs.
- Rewards & Features production starts.
- Complete research and development of core technology & file for relevant patents or intellectual property protections.
- Firsts crowdfunding Rewards & Features delivery.

Q4 2024

Q4 2024



- MVP (Minimum Viable Product) technological product base completion.
- Rest of crowdfunding Rewards & Features delivery.

Q1 2025+

Q1 2025+


Launch first B2B POCs.

- Launch first B2B POCs.
- Ongoing development of B2B & B2C activities.



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Listing Strategy .pdf


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Human Heritage Explainer.pdf


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DAO Rules.pdf


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DAO Explainer.pdf




Crowdfunding Milestones Roadmap.pdf




Reward Tiers.pdf




DAO Voting Power.pdf





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