Mine your freedom!

Belters - Mining Farm

Belters is a space where the status quo is constantly being challenged. By owning a cryptocurrency mining farm, the company is paving the way for financial freedom. The current capacity of the mine is approximately 25 GH/s, which generates monthly profits of approximately $70,000*. Belters is co-founded by people who believe in the idea of freedom in the broadest sense of the word, who focus on action - and not only talking about it - and who have vast experience in both production and servicing of servers. The company's standard is already incredibly high, but it is not resting on laurels,as there are plans for further development. The collection not only allows to raise funds for this purpose, but can also help to fulfill dreams of people interested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Having your own cryptocurrency mining farm is the goal of many people. However, the obstacles, such as insufficient financial resources, lack of proper knowledge and equipment, can be difficult to overcome. Participating in this collection can solve these problems - by purchasing BLT Tokens you can profit from mining cryptocurrencies without the responsibility and pressure that comes with owning your own mining farm.

*data as of 31st May 2020