Solar Power Plant

Expanse Plus

Amid the drastic climate changes photovoltaic farms bring up crucial solutions in obtaining new sources of energy as solar one, consistent with the ecological demands. Renewable energy company will build one of the largest solar power plants in Poland, generating power of 0.9 MW.

One of the features of the farm is that the solar panels will be mounted on the roofs of large buildings such as production halls and warehouses optimizing the use of land area.

Without a doubt, the station is a complex of eco-friendly units that work for the benefit of society, the economy, and the environment. The photovoltaic market is one of the most dynamic markets attracting the attention of investors and large financial institutions. Tokenization of such a project will bring even more innovative value as well as simplify the investment process. Be one of the first to invest in a green future, subscribe and get notified about the news and start of the investment.