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Press release

The loss of confidence in the Hotbit exchange and differences between TCR prices will not be a problem - arbitrage trading will provide new trading opportunities.

TCR prices have stabilised on both exchanges.

At the beginning of this month TCR was listed on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. The initial price fluctuations have stabilized and the price of TecraCoin on the exchange is currently between 1,00-1,30$. All funds that the Tecra has put into the liquidity pool are locked. The maximum supply of TCR ERC-20 on Uniswap is locked and limited to 1 million coins - read more about tokenomics of our project here!

Hotbit is finally back! The exchange has resolved the technical issues and, at last, coin holders can finally trade again. The price of TCR on Hotbit exchange has currently settled between 0,60-0,75$

Why is there a difference in TCR value on these exchanges?

We noticed that people have lost their trust in Hotbit exchange - understandably so. That’s why TCR volumen is much more lacking on the CEX. People are more reluctant to trade on Hotbit, so the prices currently cannot balance out. This however provides a big opportunity to arbitrage traders, who can exploit the differences in the value of TecraCoin between the two exchanges.

How are we going to solve this?

We have plans to enter a new CEX very soon. This time, we can promise it will be one of the top-tier exchanges that has gained unwavering trust among cryptocurrency trades worldwide. Listing on our currency on a new exchange will provide our coin holders with new exciting trading opportunities and help to balance out the value of TCR on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Be sure to keep updated, as we will be sharing more details in the upcoming weeks!

In the meanwhile…

We invite you to check out the recent developments on the Tecra Space platform. A new project was added to our website! Visit our main site and the landing page to read more about the upcoming Dream Island project.

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