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Newly submitted project on Tecra Space - 3D printers by Oversiz3D


We have received a new application for a brilliant project that seeks financing for commercialization. 3D printers are one of the most developing technological industries, which solves many challenges in the modern world.

The largest commercially available industrial 3D printers in Europe mounted on a shipping container. Sounds interesting? Oversiz3d is the next submitted project on Tecra Space - tokenization platform, which is currently being analyzed and evaluated by our experts. 


The startup has an extensive list of the best specialists in various fields, from designers, fashion designers, and architects to textile specialists, painters, and artists, who guarantee the success of the client's enterprise by saving time and money. Members of the Oversiz3d team are not just the people to contact - they are real experts in their area, who are responsible for clients' projects from the very beginning to the very end. Therefore, ultimately, the consumer of this service should not necessarily be acquainted with this industry.
Oversiz3D is distinguished by its exceptional customer support. When you become a customer of the company you will receive a dedicated team that advises you, helps you to compose and complete your purchase from start to finish.

Description and features of the device

The company's product can be customized in terms of size, used components, materials, and design. In short, this means that Oversiz3d modifies the printer according to customer requirements. The main advantages of the printer are its main advantages:

  • Machine acceleration  - even 15 cm per second
  • Durability  - can be used in extreme weather conditions (-20 °C  to 80 °C )
  • Cost efficiency  - the printer is capable of reducing production costs by three times compared to CNC (computer numerical control).

The printer performance excels in different fields and industries, and is a great addition to any 3D printing-related services. Oversiz3d together with its partners is currently developing new applications for this type of printing on a large scale. In particular, they are focusing on sectors such as:

  • Construction - the printer can be used at construction sites, as it allows printing untypical pipe systems, cable corridors, frames, and other building components.
  • Motorization - the printer can produce the entire car body. Moreover, it is suitable for the production of non-standard car body parts and larger internal components, battery covers,  bumpers and fenders. 
  • Refineries  - the printer is an ideal solution for the production of ad-hoc spare parts in remote locations where the supply of spare parts is dangerous, tiresome and expensive. The printer can produce complex pipe systems, bars, hand-rails, etc.
  • Military - a robust version of the printer enables quick implementation in hostile and unfavourable surroundings. The printer can supply solid parts made of ABS material, including shelves, lids, grips, connective pipes, spare parts, sinks, toilets, and even bathtubs.

Image caption

Commercial markets for 3D printers

Architecture and civil engineering
3D printing implementation in architecture and construction is becoming a dynamic trend. It is gradually becoming the norm for construction companies to print real estate models. The Dubai Future Foundation printed its first house in 2016 and it claims that 25% of the new buildings will be built using 3D printers by 2025. Printed houses have appeared in various cities all over the world. Initial trials are showing multiple benefits: they are energy and cost efficient and can be built in only a couple of days.

The automotive industry is one of the leaders in 3D printing implementation. Until now, automotive companies have used 3D printers primarily in the prototyping stage. The technology allowed manufacturers to design, test, and verify new concepts much faster and cheaper. 3D printing also used for manufacturing the spare parts, instruments and internal components. HRE Wheels, in cooperation with GE, has developed a drastic reduction of waste in the production process. Several car manufacturers showed almost entirely printed prototypes of vehicles. Car manufacturers are also investing in the personalization of their vehicles. Startup Proterra uses 3D printed parts in its electric buses, which reduces production costs up to 95%. Local Motors company from Arizona created a vehicle entirely printed public transport in 3D. A small bus, called Olli, is used in more and more cities around the world. 

Drones consist of a number of small parts which often need replacing, which makes 3D printing the perfect solution. Today, consumers already can buy ready-to-print drones online. In case of drone malfunction, drone parts such as propellors, antenna handle or protective equipment can easily be printed in 3D. In the future commercial producents will be able to print the entire drone frame as well as the smaller parts with specific functions. The US Army and the Marines have combined their forces to develop UAV, which the soldiers could use for specific missions and print in a 24 hour window from when the mission parameters have first been deployed.

Environmental Protection
3D printing has proven to be helpful in environment protection, like saving the coral reef or animal prothesis. 3D printing allows to use various natural materials, which makes this method not invasive.

Digitalisation has brought many changes to the toy industry and it is predicted that 3D printing will bring another revolution to the industry. Parents can already print Legos, figurines or board games. A team from Michigan Technological University has made an estimation that the consumers could save up to 60 milion USD a year by printing the toys themselves. What's more, the priting allows to personalise toys, which is impossible in the traditional model of toy distribution.

The entertainment industry makes the use of 3D printers to create props and scenography. Black Panther's costume designer said that the team used 3D printer Stratasys to print some of the costumes used in the film.

Petroleum industry
It is predicted that until 2021 the income from 3D printing in this industry will reach 450 milion USD, as companies such as BP, Shell and GE use 3D printed parts more and more often. BP hopes to be able to print needed parts in any place at any time, to fix the damaged infrastructure as quickly as possible.

Image caption

Investment objectives

Oversiz3d is in need of 700 000 USD to complete the R&D works and bring the product onto the international market. Project's soft cap has been set to 350 000 USD, which would mean issue of tokens (although, of course, the more capital will be raised for the project, the bigger chance of success). To fully realise the plan Oversiz3d needs 700 000 USD.

Goal (hard cap): 700 000 USD
Success threshold: 350 000 USD
Predicted token name: Oversiz3d Token
Predicted token price: 1$

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