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Tecra Space, Press release

A new type of account was added to our platform! Find out what unique features Premium accounts have to offer and how they can improve your Tecra Space experience.

Big news! We have introduced Premium accounts to our crowdfunding platform Tecra Space. The new type of account brings brand-new functionalities to the platform and offers a number of attractive benefits to the premium members. Let’s take a look at what exactly Premium accounts on Tecra Space have to offer.

Features of Premium Accounts

  • Access to private fundraising rounds. 
    Premium account members have the opportunity to participate in a token sale before it is open to the public. In addition to higher priority, private sales offer a more favorable token price in comparison to a public sale, which can increase your return on investment.

  • Project voting - no limits in the voting system with free 24 votes!
    We are working on implementing a voting system for projects, via which our community will decide which projects are going to begin their collections on the platform. Premium account holders will enjoy unlimited voting with additional free votes! Stay tuned, more information is coming soon.

  • Increased weekly bridge transfer limit. The weekly limit for transferring TecraCoins between our native blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain has been increased with Premium Accounts up to $500.

  • Lower fee while swapping TCR. 
    Premium account holders will enjoy a more favorable token transfer fee. The fee for swapping the native TecraCoin into TecraCoin on ERC-20 is lowered from 15 to 10 TCR per transaction.

  • Double the airdrop from successful collections. 
    This means an increased TCR return on investment in the projects. According to our business model, project token holders receive the airdrop - 3% of the funds collected during fundraising is distributed among all project token holders. The holders who have Premium accounts are able to enjoy an increased bonus compared to Basic accounts.

  • Increased TCR purchase limit. 
    Premium members can purchase up to 20 000 TCR/day, compared to a limit of 10 000 TCR/day for Basic accounts.

  • Doubled crowdfunding investment limit. 
    Premium account holders can invest up to $2000 worth of TecraCoin in each active fundraising campaign.

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Premium accounts are available as a one-year subscription for the base price of $149*, or for the duration of one month for $49 for those who want to test it out before committing long term.

*Consider getting your Premium Account now for only $99! As not all of the functionalities are available yet, we are offering a special discounted price until then. Become a Premium member for a full year with a 33% discount!

We offer the following billing methods with payment* in advance by: 

  • Credit card

  • PayPal

  • Bank transfer

  • Crypto transfer (ETH, USDT)

*Monthly payments are available only by credit cards.

As this is just the beginning of Premium accounts on our platform, we are open to introducing even more exclusive functions, in addition to the ones listed above. If you have any ideas or suggestions - don’t hesitate and share them with us on our Telegram channel!

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