Our Team

Tecra has unified a team of professionals from IT, science and high-tech sectors

Tecra team


Our management team has the diverse professional backgrounds which enrich Tecra with a unique set of experiences. They have been brought together to discover and work on implementing a new vision to the world of digitalization. 

Łukasz Gromek


A conscious man with extensive interests, a programmer, IT specialist with many years of experience especially...

Przemysław Karda

CEO, co-owner

The co-owner of one of the largest Altcoin mines in Poland. A f. Polish army officer trained in the US...

Daniel Borowski


Since 2006 hes been working in the software engineering industry. Provided consulting technical services...

Tecra team

Marketing & Tech support

Our marketing & tech support department is focused on creating the brand, and promoting Tecra’s activities as well as on building a unique relationship between our clients and the company.

Jakub Śliwkowski

Marketing Specialist

Graduate of BA studies in logistics at the War Studies University in Warsaw. He has extensive experience...

Jakub Wójcik

Marketing Specialist

Graduate of BA studies in logistics at the War Studies University in Warsaw. He has extensive experience...

Agata Słomska

Marketing Specialist

Business psychology master's final year student at SWPS. Experience in sales and recruitment. Main...

Tecra team

Blockchain advisors

Our blockchain solutions comply with the latest global standards. Thanks to our scientists and experts, we have developed a secure strategy for creating and developing blockchain architecture. We are constantly analyzing and improving the protocol in order to optimize our ideas and guarantee our investors’ safety.

djm 34

Miner Advisor

Zcoin team member and one of the most recognized miner devs in the cryptocurrency scene.    ...

Krishnendu Chatterjee PhD

Blockchain Advisor

ICOBench expert, Taiwan-based business and sales manager on blockchain for Europe, Canada and SE Asia...

Tecra team

Legal Team

Tecra gathered legal specialists to constantly monitor and analyze changes in regulations and legal acts concerning the company. They have years of experience in the blockchain industry.

Robert Brandt

Legal Expert

The best legal adviser in Poland according to Forbes Professionals Contest 2012.      ...

Katarzyna Gorzkowska


Lawyer, deals with intellectual property law, personal data protection, civil and commercial law, participates...

Tecra team

Business advisors

A team consisting of experienced business practitioners with ambitions to achieve great success makes every effort to develop Tecra in a sustainable manner with a long-term vision.

Robert Anacki


Vice Chairman of the Agreement party (Porozumienie, member of the ruling coalition in Poland).  ...

Andrzej Kail

Business Expert

Marketing director of Special Economic Zone in Western Poland, with $2.5 bn of capital and over 140 factories....

Krzysztof Kielec

Business Expert

Entrepreneur, economist and lawyer. CEO of a Special Economic Zone in Western Poland.      ...

Natalia Kaszyca


An experienced specialist in managing international investment projects, co-founder of NataLab start-up....

Krzysztof Podolski


The co-creator of the largest negotiating group in Western Poland dealing with the energy and telco sectors.Trained...

Tomasz Żurkiewicz


Financier, lawyer, strategist, new business developer, transaction architect, experienced in many specialties....

Tecra team

Country manager

They are responsible for Tecra's global activities, such as maintaining good relations with international investors and providing assistance in all Tecra-related. This means you can access our professionals in your native or your preferred language - for your comfort.

Taygun Dogan

Turkish Community Manager

Former banker, worked with Amazon, produced content for hundreds of projects in the world of crypto....

Ayato Hidayat

Indonesian Community Manager

An experienced forum moderator, business partner in exchanges, community manager and moderator in several...

Anton De Mel

Sri Lankan Community Manager

Crypto Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Intro Video Creator, ICO Reviewer.          ...

Artem Tsygankov

Russian / Ukrainian Community Manager

Experienced sales manager and economist. In Tecra responsible for Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking community....