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Investors can learn more about the projects submitted to Tecra Space here. In the final version of the platform it will be a voting place through which the community will decide which projects should start their fundraising*.
The multitude of ideas submitted by the Creators gives our Investors freedom of choice from among many promising projects and provides the possibility of numerous lucrative investments.

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The largest commercially available industrial 3D printers in Europe mounted on a shipping container. The company's product can be customized in terms of size, used components, materials, and design. Oversized operates in one of the most prospective markets for certain industries.

technology construction

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Electric car charger

The electric chargers network is one of the new services that Tecra plans to provide for its customers. The intriguing thing about it is that the payment for charging the car will be available via TecraCoin cryptocurrency.

energy electric vehicle

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Grom EV

This product can be perfectly adapted to any type of landscape and weather conditions. What Grom EV offers is a unique Polish-made electric bike, characterized by a high power engine, above-average durability, long mile range, and smart driving assistance system. The innovation of the Grom EV bike is the merge of the original characteristics and features of the off-road bike and modern powertrain

bikes electric vehicles

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Early warning detection system is developed with cyclists’ safety in mind, providing them with confidence and peace of mind on the road. Chameleon bike radar detects and signals upcoming motor vehicles so cyclists are always aware of what is behind them. Never again cyclists will be taken by surprise when they are changing a lane, making a turn or simply avoiding an obstacle.

bikes safety

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MoCap HD

Typically an actor wears 20-30 markers on his body. The goal is to map human body joints to match the digital puppet. Our solution is able to simultaneously track 2048 markers with superior precision.

art special effects

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First ever combination of fiat and cryptocurrency stablecoin on blockchain. It will be related to at least four currencies: yuan, dollar, euro and bitcoin. Partial hedging will be equal in percentage to the share of the given currency in the stablecoin rate. A new type of price consensus (Proof of Valuation) will be introduced. The exchange rates of individual currencies will be taken from several exchanges using the blockchain oracle and smart contracts. Token holders will contribute to the supply of new stablecoins.

stablecoin blockchain usd jpy eur btc

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Crypto security platform

A platform for creating tokens related to real assets. The tokens are supposed to act as certificates of transactions. For example, an NFT token associated 1:1 with a diamond will contain on-chain information that will distinguish exactly that piece (size, cut, carats). Owing to that idea, we will be able to identify high value items and track their property history. The platform will offer the feature for creating tokens for a small fee for business owners. The client will be able to store and exchange tokens from their digital wallet.

blockchain NFT security

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JILT is an on-demand platform that will offer convenient and safe transportation. Transacting with JIL Token will not only allow seamless payment, but it will also serve as a tem-plate for future cryptocurrency transactions in Nigeria.

automotive taxi economy sharing

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Weedo - an internet platform where you will find a specialist who will take care of small tasks for you. Weedo is a revolution in the labour market. An innovative internet platform that allows you to be both a commissioner and a contractor of various tasks.

Mobile app Economy sharing