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Recently, our project has gained some attention among the crypto community. The last few months have been busy at Tecra’s headquarters - we released a beta version of our crowdfunding platform, we have been gathering numerous interesting project submissions, and our cryptocurrency entered the very first exchange. However, recent weeks have seen probably the most significant developments for us and our community, and we have noticed an increased interest in our project among cryptocurrency traders.

Important recent developments

The past few weeks have brought us some important achievements: we launched the MVP of the Tecra Space platform, the first project of a photovoltaic farm by Expanse Plus started its campaign, and TCR entered the first decentralised exchange - Uniswap. Listing TecraCoin on Uniswap has been an especially good move, since Hotbit exchange has seen a temporary shutdown due to technical issues. 

100 000 TCR were converted from the native blockchain into ERC-20 and immediately gained significant traction on Uniswap. The interest in the coin was big enough for us to swap an additional amount of 100 000 TCR into the Uniswap-compatible TCR ERC-20. We can already share that the amount of TecraCoins on Uniswap in the future will be increased, but limited to 1 million coins.

The entire supply of TecraCoins is limited to 210 million. The conversion of the coins doesn’t affect the number of coins available on the market - it means that when 200 000 ERC-20 TecraCoins were created, 200 000 native TecraCoins were burned. The number of TCR currently on the market is 78 million. More detailed data about our currency is available here:

The unforeseen scale of interest in TCR on Uniswap and the resulting difference in price on CEX and DEX unfortunately forced us to temporarily shut down the bridge that converts TCR into the ERC-20 compatible currency. However, you will not have to wait long until the bridge is reopened. The reopening of the bridge will also see new weekly conversion limits set in place (dependent on the TCR volumen) to prevent excessive price fluctuation.

More information here

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Our innovative model and one-of-a-kind ecosystem

Crowdfunding 2.0 on Tecra Space platform. The crowdfunding platform is one of our central projects. Tecra Space is a space for creators with high-tech projects complying with sustainable development and business ideas with high commercialisation potential. Our platform’s innovation stems from the introduction of blockchain technology to the sector of fundraising. 

IPR tokenization. Tecra Space allows project creators to tokenize intellectual property, and emit so-called project tokens, which serve as a confirmation of concluding an agreement between the investor and the creator. The tokens can be obtained for TecraCoins, Ethereum oraz USDT. In the future, tokens will be traded on our dedicated decentralised exchange, Tecra DEX, and repurchased by the creators once their project passes to the commercialisation phase.

Tokens with real value. We want to offer an alternative to the current trend of tokens with superficial value. Currencies such as Dogecoin or Shibecoin are on the rise, but we want to shift the course and offer you the possibility to trade tokens with a tangible value. The tokens emitted on Tecra Space represent real businesses and marketable projects

Tecra DEX. Our decentralised exchange is currently at the development stage. In addition to trading popular cryptocurrencies, the users of the DEX will be able to trade tokens of the projects from Tecra Space - tokens which will have the value of real businesses behind them.

Trading opportunities for TecraCoin holders. As mentioned before, TCR is currently listed on two exchanges: Hotbit (compatible with our native blockchain) and Uniswap (TCR ERC-20). We are in talks with other top-tier exchanges and we plan to bring coin holders even more trading opportunities before the year is over.

How can you profit with Tecra Space in practice?

You can support the first project with active fundraising on Tecra Space

Recently, the photovoltaic farm project by Expanse Plus has launched its campaign. The so-called SUN Tokens can be obtained on our platform for TCR. Once the project is successful, the creators will be obliged to use 80% of their revenue to repurchase the tokens from the market over the period of 15 years (the repurchasing will take place quarterly and begin in the first quarter of 2022). The SUN tokens will also be traded on Tecra DEX. As Tecra Space and TecraCoins are part of the same ecosystem, the success of one will influence the other - with the increasing number of successful crowdfunding campaigns we can expect the rise in value of TCR. More information about the SUN Token can be found here:

Trading tokens

Obtaining project tokens on Tecra Space will prove to be a worthwhile investment. The tokens of real businesses will be traded on DEX and a number of them will be repurchased by project creators after a successful fundraising.

Profiting from our business model

Tecra’s business model offers our community multiple methods of profiting. An important source of benefits are the commissions on the projects - if a project’s fundraising campaign is successful, 3% of the raised amount will be redistributed among Project Token holders and 2% will be burned, to decrease the number of coins on the market and subsequently raise their value.

Trading TCR on exchanges

The value of TCR has seen a significant rise since the coin was listed on Uniswap, and everything suggests this trend will continue. Our project is only at its beginning stage - new fundraising campaigns are set to begin their collections this year, there are plans for TCR to enter new, renowned exchanges and the final version of our crowdfunding platform is yet to come. The value of the currency is interlinked to the success of the projects on Tecra Space, which means it will steadily rise with time and along with the number of projects that pass to the commercialisation phase.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that we offer some services that can directly help you increase your TecraCoin capital. TecraCoin Staking Program is a staking service that offers TCR holders an opportunity to passively increase the number of their coins. The service offers high interest rates (depending on the duration of your deposit and the amount of coins you chose to input) and is a very simple and straightforward alternative to obtaining additional TCR with Masternodes. More information about the service can be found here. 

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