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Fusion of cryptocurrency and electromobile? It is possible! In the future you will pay for electricity by TCR.


New idea to increase TecraCoin applications. The company is working on the commercialization of the project of chargers for electric cars paid for by its own cryptocurrency TCR. The announcement of another project on the Tecra Space tokenization platform.

According to Chris Midgeley, head of S&P Global Platts' analytics, the production of electric cars is growing every year. By 2040, the number of electric cars in the world will exceed 400 million. For example, based on various estimates, the number of electric vehicles produced globally was about 7.2 million by the end of 2019. Along with production, the ecosystem is developing, which is necessary for the functioning of the car. First of all, an integral part of an electric car is an electric charger. Tecra also follows and seeks to contribute to global trends.

Image caption

The new project considered for the Tecra Space

The electric chargers network is one of the new services that Tecra plans to provide for its customers. The intriguing thing about it is that the payment for charging the car will be available via TecraCoin cryptocurrency. To put it simply, if you are a TecraCoin holder, you would be able to pay for charging your electro car by the cryptocurrency. This is one of the many crypto applications and pioneering solutions in the EV industry. Tecra, as the company, doesn’t exclusively concentrate on cryptocurrency, even though it plays a crucial role in the Tecra ecosystem. The company intends to develop in different directions, mainly impacting the high technological sector - the recent launch of the authorial tokenization platform validates this statement. EV charging paid by cryptocurrency is another enterprise that Tecra aims to implement into the growing digital market.
Up to the present times, we have found and agreed with subcontractors regarding charger manufacturing.

The first prototype has already arrived at our office this week. The design and main functionalities are ready and working well. The prototype was successfully tested, and now being used for private purposes as part of a testing operation. But the final commercialization version might change its initial functionalities. Today, our team is considering the legal aspects and developing the business model of this project. When the work on this stage is completed and all decisions are fixed, we will start the fundraising on the Tecra Space platform and then we launch the product on the market. Tecra plans to allocate and build the charging system mainly near:

  • the large malls, 
  • parkings,
  • gas stations 
  • airports. 

At the start, the EV chargers could be found in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Obviously, with Tecra's global determination the system will expand throughout Europe and China where the community has a great demand for electromobility.
As we mentioned the project will be eventually added to the investment platform Tecra Space. Soon we will reveal more information about the fundraising and tokens of this project.

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