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Mandatory TCR transfer from Hotbit by November 7

TecraCoin, Press release

Every TCR holder of native blockchain with funds on Hotbit is obliged to withdraw TecraCoins to the platform

Due to the upcoming migration to the new Tecra 2.0 blockchain, we inform all native TecraCoin holders about the need to transfer funds from the Hotbit exchange to the users' wallets on 

After the 8th of November, Hotbit will no longer support the old Tecra blockchain. Therefore, in order not to lose coins on Hotbit, you need to send it to BY 7th OF NOVEMBER.  From November 8, Hotbit will connect the new Tecra blockchain. This means after users complete the migration on the platform, they will be able to resume trading on Hotbit without any problems.

At the moment this communication is addressed to TCR holders and traders on Hotbit. Information for native holders on mobile and desktop wallets, as well as migration process details, will appear soon.

The migration to the new blockchain (that will take place on  is part of a big upgrade in the Tecra ecosystem, and the blockchain itself will become more secure and scalable for quick exchange adoption.

Again, it is necessary to withdraw TCR from Hotbit on in order not to lose funds by November 7.

Tecra and Hotbit are not responsible for lost funds if you don't transfer TecraCoins from Hotbit to 

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