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Meeting summary (17.09)

Tecra Space

Stablecoins, the tokenization platform, and the company's vision for the future were the main topics discussed during a live discussion on Discord channel. Yesterday, on September 17th, Tecra held its first online broadcast with its community, available for everyone to join. The purpose of this meeting was to answer any question related to the activities of our company.

The online meeting was attended by managers and CEOs of the company, as well as representatives of the marketing department and chief programmers and developers. As stated before, everyone was involved in the discussion about the issuance of stablecoin. One of the main challenges for stablecoin implementation is the legislative regulations that vary internationally, which makes it difficult to create a coherent ecosystem for sustainable practice. Unfortunately, only a few European countries are keen on the development of the cryptocurrency market and its implementation in government activities.

 Regarding the future of the company, the founder of Tecra, Przemysław Karda, explained that: "Tecra is implementing its project funded by a European Union grant until 2022, so the investment in the company is long-term and rather offered for patient investors. Obviously, it is feasible to implement the project quickly, it is more likely to make mistakes in this particular field. The hastened approach can lead to contradictions in the long-term vision of the company (as it was done by a comparable German enterprise). We advocate the tactics of development without rush, with a thorough analysis of the environment and market.”

He mentioned that after the launch of the BETA version, several new projects have submitted their applications to attract investments. We are currently reviewing these applications - more information about the projects will appear next week. Soon, the platform will have an individual explanation-panel for each project, as well as a personal client office (in short time, you will be able to register on the platform).
It is worth mentioning that we are redesigning the layout and the entire legend of our website. From now, the concept of the platform is inspired and associated with outer space. In this vision, our platform is the spaceship that takes creators with innovative ideas on board as well as investors that literally “dock” to our platform. 

At the meeting, the hard work of programmers was also mentioned, namely the introduction of one-click masternodes - our developers are currently conducting the final tests for this product. As it was said, the tests are carried out using the Moq library, which simulates the activities of a real object. With the help of this library, the customer's database is created for the purpose of not compromising the real database. At this point, it is still necessary to conduct a few more tests, after which the frontend and implementation of One-click MasterNodes will be finished.

Since it was the first online broadcast, we concluded that the Discord voice channel engages few people, and therefore next week our weekly online broadcast will be held on Facebook. Stay updated by following our social media!

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