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Newly submitted project on Tecra Space - Weedo


We have received a new application for another good project. Weedo - an internet platform where you will find a specialist who will take care of small tasks for you. Weedo is a revolution in the labour market. An innovative internet platform that allows you to be both a commissioner and a contractor of various tasks.

Alternative market for casual work, using AI technology

Weedo is a revolution in the labour market. An innovative internet platform that allows you to be both a commissioner and a contractor for a variety of tasks. The idea was based on the so-called "reverse marketplace" model, in which the client selects the contractor on the basis of  the offers sent to him. Soon the creators of the tool will launch a mobile application available on the market. It will be equipped with a Weedo Manager - a system based on AI technology, used to optimally manage time, work and finances.

Weedo creators want to make ordering services as easy as ordering a cab. Their mission is to support local labor markets. They offer an innovative tool for commissioning and carrying out various tasks, dedicated to professionals and amateurs. By creating a space to seek additional sources of income, Weedo wants to help people in their daily duties as well as support their personal and professional development. By using the platform, each person with unique skills has a chance to find a job for himself or herself, to handle urgent matters right away and at the same time save time and money. The target group are people between the ages of 18 and 50, who live in large and medium-sized cities. It is a platform dedicated to everyone who wants to earn more by working part-time, e.g. students, immigrants, freelancers or corporate employees.

How does Weedo work?

The Weedo user creates an individual account for free. They provide additional information about their skills, needs, expectations and availability, specifying the preferred mode of operation and selecting the categories they are interested in. Using the intuitive panel, customers add tasks or look for the best cooperation proposals for themselves. The commissioning person sets the budget, which can later be negotiated with potential contractors. The final amount is deposited in the secure payment system weePay and released after the order execution. After the work is completed, Weedo users evaluate each other's work and add comments. Each profile has individual statistics, reports and graphics, including the status of the tasks ordered and/or executed.

The answer to modern labour market demands

Weedo responds to current problems and needs on the labour market. The unemployment rate during the COVID-19 pandemic has risen to over 6% in Poland. Currently about 20% of people are changing jobs, professions or looking for additional sources of income. At the same time, as much as 75% of people recruit employees on the Internet. The rest of them have been using the same specialists for years or base their choice on knowledge, which is often associated with a waste of time and money. Weedo is a response to the growing pauperization and deepening social inequalities, the crisis on the labor market, as well as the need to improve the process of finding the best subcontractors to carry out various projects. The result is an intuitive tool, available for free to everyone.

Innovative and proven technological solutions

So far, Weedo has been developed as a progressive internet platform (PWA) that acts like a mobile application. It displays perfectly on any device and users can download it in a compressed format that takes up less than 1 MB of memory. Thanks to cooperation with Stripe - the world leader in virtual payments - the creators of Weedo designed a unique deposit system weePay. This ensures that every user can be confident that their funds are safe and the stake remains the same until the task is completed. Creating an account and using the platform is free of charge. When designing the live messaging system, the creators of Weedo were inspired by proven UX solutions, taken from the biggest social media. Every interaction between users, such as creating an offer, changing the budget or withdrawing funds, triggers an appropriate notification, which greatly facilitates internal communication.

Strategies and directions of development for Weedo

Weedo intends to continue its development and will soon release a native mobile app, developed for iOS and Android. In the next 3 years  a new functionality Weedo Manager based on AI technology, will be added. It will be used to create virtual graphics, financial targets and work optimization.  Another ambitious goal of Weedo is to create a special business section, bringing together proven contractors for large projects, such as events. The company plans to develop its marketing and PR activities as well as expand the language versions of the tool (currently: Polish, English and Russian) and introduce innovative systems: identity verification, skills and deferred payment. Weedo creators will regularly add new categories, improve the evaluation process with the possibility of gaining special marks, and introduce the option of creating offers, dedicated to the most active and proven users. It is important for us to exchange knowledge and experience, so Weedo will provide valuable content on its blog, creating tutorials, instructions for performers and valuable advice for its users. From a business perspective, the company plans to start in three new markets (outside Poland): German, Scandinavian and Russian, and create an AI manager by 2022. The long-term goal is to become a leader in applications for additional work, as well as to create a weeCare application dedicated to the medical market. The company is open for potential investors and establishing partnership relations as well as joint project development by solving more problems on different markets.

AI for managing work, time and finances

Weedo Manager is a pioneering and revolutionary solution that uses AI technology to optimize and personalize the process of work management from a web platform and mobile application. It will allow to create to-do-lists synchronized with Google and iOS calendars. It will have the function of controlling the budget, planning everything and optimizing monthly expenses. Using Weedo Manager will help determine both the expected amount of earnings (e.g. 2 500 USD per month), as well as the maximum limit of the orders (e.g. 2 per week) or the area within which you want to work (e.g. Warsaw, Wola). Then the system will display proposals, adjusted to individual user preferences. This allows you to achieve your financial goals in a certain way, which in the future may be the basis for applying for a credit. The system will also suggest tasks on the basis of users' skills and experience and will plan the optimal route to the places of execution of particular orders. This will allow users to save time, increasing their earning chances and motivation to act. This solution will also work well for project management, by dividing the bigger tasks into smaller ones, which can be performed by many different subcontractors. Weedo Manager will provide users with a set of work & productivity tips as well as inspiring training materials, ensuring support at every stage of using the platform. It will tell you how to describe the task well and fill in the information on your profile with attractive content to increase conversion. He will find the service at the time and place preferred by the user and then save it automatically in an intelligent calendar.

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