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Tecra Space platform MVP has launched - what does it mean for you?

Tecra Space

Find out what opportunities await you with the launch of the Tecra Space platform MVP!

The beta version of our platform launched in September 2020. During these few months, our site went through massive changes, we learned from our mistakes and developed the best conditions to create an effective platform for tokenizing ideas. And now we can share great news with you - the MVP of the Tecra Space crowdfunding platform has just been launched! This means that our project is ready to come out of beta, and the first campaign is starting its fundraising. While the MVP is not yet the final version of the site, but only a preview of the full capabilities of our platform, many key features will already be made available to our users.

Currently available features:

  1. Ability to support first projects - with the launch of MVP, the first fundraiser for Tecra Space officially launches! You can read more about the Expanse Plus photovoltaic farm fundraiser here.
  2. Business/Private accounts - there are two types of accounts available on Tecra Space - a personal account and a business account which allows you to receive an invoice for the participation in collections and to manage your company's investment portfolio.
  3. KYC - Verification applies to both private and business accounts. KYC is not mandatory, but having a verified account opens up more functionality for users, such as buying TecraCoin with fiat money, as well as exchanging tokens and voting on them.
  4. Buying TecraCoin with fiat money - in addition to the exchanges where TecraCoin is available, you can purchase it directly on our platform. There are many methods to purchase TCR - paypal, bank transfer, etc. Available currencies: USD, EUR, PLN. To buy coins for fiat you need to pass KYC verification.
  5. Purchase TecraCoins for cryptocurrencies - TecraCoin can also be purchased for ETH and USDT cryptocurrencies. In this case, you don't need to go through the KYC process (although the lack of verification comes with other restrictions on using the platform).
  6. Tokenization - that is the core of the whole platform. Each project, thanks to Tecra's blockchain solutions, has the ability to issue its own token [with personalized parameters]. These tokens can be purchased with TecraCoins.
  7. Staking program - Our cryptocurrency has a very attractive staking program TecraCoin Smart Deposit, on which you can earn up to 40% per year. More information: Link
  8. USDT, ETH, TCR wallets - Various types of web wallets are available on our platform, such as USDT, ETH and TCR. In addition, on the platform we have introduced the so-called token wallet, where you can find tokens of projects that you support.
  9. Submitting projects to the platform - creators have the opportunity to submit their projects through the application form on the site. We encourage creators who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and tokenization to contact us. We will provide technical, business and legal support. We will help with all your questions.
  10. Ability to track the progress of projects - each project has milestones that must be met in order to receive tranches for project development. Our community can easily track the progress of the projects.
  11. Bundling - depending on the amount invested in the projects, the creators reward investors with additional bonuses and limited products. Different packages depend on the amount invested.

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It doesn't stop there, of course. Our developers will constantly work on implementing more improvements, tweaking the interface for your convenience and introducing new usability. Changes will be introduced on a regular basis, so that from week to week the use of the platform will be more functional and comfortable for you.

Features that will be available in the final version of the platform:

  1. Premium and freemium accounts - a premium account will give, among other things, access to private rounds and greater voting weight in the project voting system. More information soon.
  2. Voting system - the community will decide on the choice of projects starting their collections on the platform.
  3. ETH staking program - new opportunities to optimize accumulated cryptocurrency capital.
  4. Tecra DEX - decentralized exchange is one of the central projects of Tecra. A place to trade project tokens and cryptocurrencies. Mainly it will be there to keep the tokens liquid.
  5. User interface improvement - we will make sure that the platform is tailored to your needs.
  6. Account for the creator - the account holder will be able to compose the landing page of his project on his own, post information and edit content about the project published on our platform from the user panel.
  7. Improved interface for mobile version - you can expect many improvements for the mobile version of our platform. In the future we may also create an application to make the use of Tecra Space as comfortable as possible.
  8. NFT tokens - will be a part of investor packages and a source of unique bonuses for the project support. The value of each token will be unique and set by the creator.

    We will keep you informed about all changes and news. In the meantime, we encourage you to convince yourselves about the latest possibilities of the new version of Tecra Space platform! You can do it by taking part in the first project which officially starts its collection - photovoltaic farm of Expanse Plus company.

    If you have any suggestions on how the platform should work, feel free to contact us on Telegram! Tecra Space is created especially for you - your feedback and satisfaction are the most valuable for us!

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