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The new product of Tecra company is now available for TecraCoin (TCR) holders. From this article you will find out what it is, how it works, how does it stand out and what benefits it will bring to TecraCoin holders.

What is TecraCoin Smart Deposit?

It is a new staking service for Tecra coin holders to optimize the accumulated capital by depositing TCR in their online wallet. The new product offers high interest rates compared to the low interest rates in banks. In accordance to our company's long-term business model, when investing, you can expect not only a stable return on investment but also an increase in TCR. This is the best solution for those users who look at the long-term effects of their financial activities. Tecra's developers are constantly working on improving Smart Deposit, so as to make it the safest and most efficient service possible. 

What is staking?

Staking is an easy way for cryptocurrency owners to receive passive income. The staking itself consists of storing funds on a crypto wallet in order to ensure the stability and proper functioning of a given blockchain network. This is particularly beneficial to individual investors because they receive extra coins for storing funds in their wallets. Companies offer this service as a reward for storing their currency, and thus ensuring it. Furthermore, the stocking process has a long-term effect on the increase in the value of the coin.

If you want to understand staking even better, you can find more information in articles like this one:

What is necessary to establish TecraCoin Smart Deposit?

Download your digital TCR wallet (available here). If you do not know how to install or use it, this link will provide you with some useful tips.
If you already have a wallet installed, make sure you have the latest update downloaded. To launch or simulate deposits, you must have a minimum of 50 TCR (175 $) on your chosen wallet.
To make the product easy to use, we have made sure that it has a clear and simple layout that can be easliy used  even by a technological layman.

Image caption

Why is this worth it?

By setting up TecraCoin Smart Deposit you will receive bonuses in the form of additional TCRs, which will be transferred to your account at the end of the service period. The amount of the bonus will depend on the amount of TCR you have placed in the Smart Deposit and its duration.

What distinguishes this service from the competition on the market?

Tecra makes sure to listen to your opinions and needs. If you are not sure if this is the solution for you, we have an overnight deposit (for one day) to let you get first-hand experience on how this service works.
In addition, the return on the deposit is fixed prior to the conclusion of the contract and will not be subject to change. Such an arrangement provides a sense of trust and security, the care of which is the basis of Tecra's business. We also make every effort to consider the individual preferences of each of our clients - that is why we have many types of deposits to choose from (which mainly differ by the service duration). Another distinguishing feature of our sercive is the considerably high rate of interest, which at the beggining ROI stage can reach even up to 40%.
It should be remembered that once a specific amount is transferred to the deposit, the user cannot use it (e.g. make transactions) until the deposit deadline expires or until the customer cancels the service. In order to maintain the security of your deposit, all funds that you deposit remain in your wallet. You may opt out of the Smart Deposit service at any time.

How to set up TecraCoin Smart Deposit?

Process of depositing coins is very simple. All you have to do is to install mobile TCR Wallet and follow steps:

  1. Launch your TCR Wallet mobile app and set up wallet (making sure you have downloaded the latest app update);
  2. Click INVEST and choose the amount of TCR to deposit and the type of deposit (they share one story according to the preferred duration of the service).
  3. Then read and accept the Regulations, press the "Invest" button - and it's ready. You can enjoy the profit from the safe storage of your TecraCoins.

The minimal deposit amount is currently 50 TCR.

Service simulation

To check the expected profits and types of TecraCoin Smart Deposit by period of operation, download the TCR Wallet mobile application. After choosing a number of TecraCoins to deposit, you can find out the estimated profit for each type of the deposit. In the future we will also launch the service on our homepage.

Depending on consumer's preferences, the investment period can be

  •  3 months, 
  • 6 months,
  • 1 year, 
  •  2 years,
  •  or 3 years.

The longer the time of the service, the bigger the profit. As was metioned before, there is also an option of a one-day-only deposit, which allows you to try out the Smart Deposit, its functionality and gives you a taste of the benefits to come.

The expected inrerest rate, depending on the time of the service and the number of coins deposited, can reach even a several dozen percent - an example of the estimated profits can be seen in the image below.

TecraCoin Smart Deposit does not expect any losses for the users.

There are two profit optimization strategies:

  1.  The interest rate (presented in the picture below) is very flexible, because as users make new deposits, the interest rate decreases. This means that you found out about our new service in perfect time - as it has just been launched. You may be among the first ones to deposit (meaning your interest rate will be much higher than that of people who will do that in a month or a year!);
  2. In order to avoid a situation where TecraCoin Smart Deposit will generate profits only at the initial stage, we will allocate 10% of the rewards from each block to it (it is not yet visible in the explorer - we are currently working on it, though). Therefore, even when the interest rate will decrease, you will be able to profit more, due to a smaller percentage of the larger TCR sum (10% of 112.5 TCR goes to the pot every 2.5 minutes).

Investors can individually decide which of the aforementioned strategies is more effective for them, but neither of them assumes losses.

Consider trying out our new TCR Smart Deposit and start profitting now! The most recent version of TCR Wallet is available on iOS and Android systems. The current versions of TCR Wallets for desktop computers (i.e. v1.6.1.0) do not support TecraCoin Smart Deposit. 

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