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Tecra Space

This article presents intended features we are planning to implement that TecraCoin holders can benefit from. Among other things, we will talk about the commissions that each TecraCoin holders will receive when the project has raised all the funds.

We plan on distributing three percent of every successful project’s funds raised among all TCR holders (owning at least 1 coin on TCR Wallet) that will register at the platform.

Why and how?

What makes our company stand out is the focus on strengthening the ties in our community and enriching it — quite literally.
Every project on our platform has its expected fund to raise. In case of successful fundraising, which means that the project that has at least reached its investment threshold on Tecra Space investment platform, we plan to spend 7% of collected funds on a so-called investors’ fee. In this case, 3% of the funds would be distributed among all Tecra Coin holders — even the ones that did not invest in that specific project. This means that the remaining 4% would be equally divided between Tecra’s commission and a provision dedicated to burn the remaining coins.
Coin burning is common practice — it reduces the supply of a specific coin which ensures its increase in value. The process of burning is easy — the coins are sent to a mathematically generated address with an unknown password so that nobody can access it. By sending coins to such an address, it guarantees these tokens are withdrawn from circulation.

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Example: Let’s focus on this hypothetical situation: An inventive idea was registered onto the Tecra Space platform and has been chosen to be crowdfunded. Investors loved the project and thus, the inventor collected 100% of the required valuation, which in this case is, for example, one million dollars. This means that 70,000 dollars will cover the investors’ fees, from which 30, 000 dollars’ worth in TCR will be distributed among anyone who has a Tecra Coin (and the rest of the fee would be converted into USDT and 20,000 dollars’ worth would be sent to Tecra’s address and another 20,000 dollars’ worth would be used to burn the remaining coins). We believe that this loyalty program will not only build a sense of connection between Tecra and our clients, but will also motivate TecraCoin holders to engage in the voting and evaluation of prospective projects on Tecra Space platform. 

Tecra Space commissions

3 %

Sum to be distributed among all token holders who have registered on the Tecra Space platform

2 %

Amount assigned for buying and burning TecraCoins out of the market (thanks to this process we reduce the amount of cryptocurrency in circulation increasing its value)

2 %

Commission of the Tecra Space tokenization platform

Soon we will launch another website functionality, such as a project hangar where we will upload all the projects that come to us and you as our community will decide on their further fate.

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