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The launch of the Tecra Space tokenization platform BETA

Tecra Space

We are glad to present the investment platform for the tokenization of high technology projects and IPRs. In this article, you will learn what Tecra Space is about, what principles it operates on, what solutions it offers and how it differs from the competitors. You will get to know what a Project Token is, what kind of role TecraCoin plays in the whole ecosystem and what main benefits we have prepared for our investors.

What is Tecra Space?

Tecra Space is a global internet platform that makes it possible to arrange the fundraising and tokenize projects based on smart-contract solutions. It focuses primarily on high-tech and scientific projects, which are distinguished by their high commercial potential.

“Tecra Space gives scientists the chance to make their ideas come true and investors the opportunity to invest in the” - Przemysław Karda, CEO of Tecra.

The entire process of investing in high-tech projects was usually long and complicated, which significantly affected the digitalization of the world. This market was characterized by a large number of fraudsters and shady projects who did not fulfill their commitments. Thanks to blockchain networks, the Tecra team will ensure transparency and security of investments based on TecraCoin, and the widely defined scientists will receive excellent conditions for raising capital.

How does the fundraising look like?

The whole process starts with the submitting of an application by the author. Filling the form is very intuitive and takes only a few minutes. In the form, you should send the name of the project, your contact details, what category and country your project is from and the sum needed to be raised. You will eventually have to briefly describe the project and attach the relevant files such as pitch-deck, white papers and any documents that can present your project in detail. This helps our experts to verify the application more accurately and thus increases the chances of the project to appear on the investment platform. Once you have filled out an application form, the Tecra team analyses all aspects of your business, assesses the potential and decides whether the project is likely to be globally successful.

Moreover, Tecra also involves its community in selecting projects that are placed on the investment platform.  We underline the importance of a strong community as the main aspect of a company's development.  Even if the project is accepted by our experts, but members of our community vote in a negative way, then it becomes impossible to start the collection. In this way, we reduce the number of unsuccessful fundraisings, because either the project will gain its fans or will be rejected by them even before it appears on the list.

Once the project has completed the entire verification, the investment process begins. In order to collect the assumed funds, we provide the investors with the most important information about the particular project such as the scale of investment, development potential, financial data (if already generated) and its general description. The investment procedure is user-friendly for all types of investors. Even the smallest player with little capital will be able to support the project, as the minimum investment is 1 TCR. As the fundraising starts, investors can observe the process and once it is completed, they are given access to follow-up on the progress of the project. The money for the project implementation is paid out in tranches (after reaching predefined milestones). Tecra, as the owner of the platform, charges a commission of 2% of the collected capital only for successful fundraising. In case of failure to achieve the minimum sum, the funds are returned to the investors.
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Main principles

Tecra Space solutions with its own cryptocurrency and blockchain allow easy access to the investment and guarantee safe and transparent exit from it. The platform enables entrepreneurs to create their own token, which is then offered to investors. Tokens are a digital record of the investment. Investors can profit from them in the future or sell them at a higher price on the decentralized digital asset exchange platform - Tecra DEX, that will be launched in 2022.

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Tecra Space is not an ordinary crowdfunding platform. Its main distinguishing feature is the means of payment, which is used by the platform. Thanks to TecraCoin, you can purchase project tokens. The token of each project is created on the Tecra blockchain with the help of smart contracts.  When generating a token, the creator defines parameters such as name, quantity, price and value. At the same time, he obliges himself to determine what percentage he will use to buy issued tokens from investors. Additionally,  5% of all collected funds are allocated in the following way:

3% is distributed among all TecraCoin holders who are registered on the platform,

2% is dedicated to buy TecraCoin from the exchange and burn it. By this process, the number of coins on the market is diminished and their value is increased.

BETA version

Currently, Tecra Space website is a BETA version of the tokenization platform. Its main goal is to gather as many projects as possible before starting the ALFA version, where the possibility of investing and more features will be introduced. The current version is available in three languages: Polish, English and Russian.  The News tab is translated into the respective languages in order to increase the interest of the website. In the future, we will also add Chinese, which is the most important part of the project, in terms of entering the Asian market. We also encourage you to send us suggestions as to changes on the website, to report errors and to express your opinion.

The BETA version includes features such as:

  • submitting your project
  • signing to investment
  • information on Tecra Space
  • daily news from the world of blockchain and Tecra
  • joining to Tecra community
  • helping to improve the website (report the errors on social media)

By signing up for an investment, you also sign up for a unique newsletter that will inform you when the project starts on our platform.

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