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Monthly News (August 2020)

TecraCoin, Tecra Space, Summary

The BETA version of the investment platform for the tokenization of high-tech projects and IPRs has been launched. This is the initial start of simplifying the fundraising and investment process. If you are a high-tech entrepreneur, scientist, inventor or you have an innovative startup then this is a chance to present your project for investors worldwide.

Investment platform — BETA version is ready!

One of the main priorities for our team is to achieve the safety of your financial resources during the investment process. In this regard, we have worked diligently on the KYC process to ensure that everyone who registers on the platform is verified. We have involved specialists in this field and thanks to their experience we can build a safe platform. In August,  we have also focused on the legal aspects of Tecra Space, so the platform complies with the current regularities.
The launch of the actual “Alpha” version will take place after our developers have finally tested and validated all major processes on the platforms. However, you will have the opportunity to test the Beta version of the platform already in September. Most of the features of the platform are not available in the Beta version, but the most significant thing you will be able to do is to submit your research project and it may appear on our platform as well as other projects. Stay tuned for our news and do not miss the launch of the ALPHA version of the platform. The opinion of our community is very important to us so we encourage you to visit our new website and give us feedback regarding the structure and usability of the site.
The platform will be available in three languages: English, Polish, and Russian. The website will also soon be translated into Chinese and other Asian languages. 

If you want to learn more about Tecra Space, we encourage you to watch a video with our CEO Przemysław Karda where he presents its operation, features and competitive advantages.

New projects on the platform

Even though the platform wasn’t launched yet, the information about the idea that the platform represents is floating around the investors inside groups. Several new projects have been submitted to our platform this month and there are even more waiting to be verified.

New computer game

Polish computer gaming industry is constantly developing and expanding, bringing new fans from all over the world. The new offspring of this growing industry is “Interregnum” — a game inspired by one of the Polish sci-fi bestseller authors. The game will be designed by the team from Spacewalkers. The developers have gained experience in creating the games by working in many projects from well-known studios such as Flying Wild Hog, Bloober Team, ONE MORE LEVEL, or Ancient Forge Studio. After they were involved in creating a number of games both on their own and with publishers like Devolver, they decided to merge their resources, know-how, and hobbies in order to create a studio that would achieve even more. The game will be made in a premium Pay2Play model, sold typically through digital distribution platforms like Steam or Playstation Store. The game will be priced between $20 to $30 and studio estimates to sell from 100k to 500k copies in the first year after launch.
The game project received funds from the EU program “Gamein”.

Interregnum Tactics (working title) is a turn-based strategy about survival in a post-apocalyptic world in which extraterrestrial civilizations wage war over the ruins of Earth while ordinary people fight for survival. Humanity was decimated by a mysterious mind virus and the world was thrusted into a new ice age while the magnetic poles abruptly shifted — it led to the extinction of 80% of the human population. Most people simply lost a sense of consciousness, as if they were in a state of acute coma. The game offers a refreshing perspective of a group of ordinary people caught in events that transcend their understanding — their small tragedies quietly play out in the shadows of events that will decide the fate of the world. As commander, you will be responsible for the success of the missions assigned, from the moment they are received, by the assessment of the situation, the allocation of resources and roles to its execution and the monitoring of the changes they have contributed to. The actions you take may lead to further destabilization of the world as well as pave the way for a bright future. 

Grom EV

Bicycles have long been an integral means of transportation in our lives. Most European cities are building and developing city infrastructure for convenient bicycle riding experience. Many people have already started to refuse private cars in exchange for a two-wheeled vehicle, which not only helps to drive around the city without traffic jams but also has a positive effect on health and the environment. From the appearance of the first bicycle to the present day, this device has undergone a number of changes. The Grom EV project also intends to contribute to history and bring new technical solutions.

Riding in the mountains or under the bad weather is always a difficult challenge for both the individual and the reliability of the vehicle. Grom EV bikes can be a solution for the most demanding users who value their passion and look for new challenges for themselves. This product can be perfectly adapted to any type of landscape and weather conditions. What Grom EV offers is a unique Polish-made electric bike, characterized by a high power engine, above-average durability, long mile range, and smart driving assistance system. The innovation of the Grom EV bike is the merge of the original characteristics and features of the off-road bike and modern powertrain. The bike will have the features of the smart device where configurations can be remarkably modified and adjusted to the user’s personal requirements as well as the Grom EV electric drive controller is programmable. The creators consider creating the version for unified units. Many years of consumer experience, expectations, and advice have contributed to the designing and implementation of innovations in a widely understood technology industry and allowed the team to create a product that is different from its competitors.

Bikes are currently being tested by JW 2305 “GROM”(one of Poland’s premier special missions units) in the mountains of Poland. The received comments will affect the final shape and way of product development.
Main competitive advantages :

  • Modern technologies, top quality, and solid components 
  • Opportunity for customization in many sectors of the vehicle industry and mandate
  • Fast, efficient service and spare parts availability worldwide
  • The low failure rate of bikes and resistance to damages
  • Warranty up to 5 years depending on the model 
  • Availability of personalized accessories such as solar chargers

Following the example of Europe for bicycles, Canada is also widely developing its infrastructure and there are more fans of the active lifestyle. The creators of Grom EV consider the Canadian market is one of the most attractive ones as to its growing opportunity. With the help of the Canadian market share, the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) agreement provides an opportunity to expand into the American and Mexican markets.
There are a lot of things to be done before global expansion. The Grom EV project is being analyzed by the Tecra team for the market and commercial potential. The Grom EV team hopes that the Tecra Space platform could bring them what they need and dream of — the capital to develop the product and strong community and fans to endorse the project.

Solar panel plant

Solar power is one of the alternative energy sources. This power source has advantages over the most commonly used known analogs. Among the significant benefits of using solar energy we can highlight the following ones:

1. Reproducibility — Solar energy, as opposed to energy from coal, oil and gas, is renewable, which has a positive impact on our planet.

2. Inexhaustibility- the sun is not going anywhere over the next couple of million years. So this energy will always be available and could provide for humanity for quite a long time.

3. The volume of energy — the sun provides around 1 billion terawatt-hours of energy to the Earth each year, while mankind produces around 20,000 terawatt-hours of energy annually, i.e. 0.002% of the solar energy that comes to the Earth.

4. The big field of application — it can be used for remote and isolated regions of any country where the energy supply is scarce. For example, it is one of the main sources of energy for the International Space Station (ISS) and satellites, as the power of solar rays in space is higher than on the Earth’s surface.

5. Cost-efficiency — solar panels only need to be serviced several times a year, while the manufacturer’s warranty begins from 10 years.

6. Ubiquity — solar energy reaches areas where the sun shines, i.e. absolutely all parts of the planet, allowing solar energy to be extracted everywhere.

7. Environment — solar energy is the most environmentally friendly form of power, unlike coal, gas, and oil, the extraction of which has a negative impact on nature and human health.

The project that was sent on our platform is one of the first photovoltaic farms that will be tokenized. It is considered to be a long term investment as to the project realization of 29 years. We can’t display much of the information about this enterprise, however, the fundraising will begin later in 2020.

If you have a technological project or interesting startup that needs funds to develop and can influence the world of science, please contact us via [email protected]  or submit your project on
We will contact you and give you more information. 

Important agreements

Risk reduction

Academic institutions are aware of the Tecra Space platform (the project became more recognizable among academic groups after Graphene bulb researches) and they are also interested in licensing projects. One of our partners is the spin-off company of one of the largest universities in Eastern and Central Europe, which endorses scientific projects and patents that represent ideas of the young scientists. This month we have arranged a series of meetings in order to create a letter of intent and set commitments between the parties. It was suggested what measures could be used to reduce investment risks. In this regard, our partners would bring in and attract academic projects for our platform. Representing the universities and orientated in a scientific sector, our partners will select and advise projects with high commercial potential, guarantee the monitoring of all stages of project implementation as well as recruit and attract the best experts for the projects. Therefore, Tecra will provide a platform for crowdfunding, attract investors, create project tokens, and offer blockchain solutions. This agreement will simplify the verification of projects and also build investor trust towards project implementation.

Komodo — dPoW solution

Tecra has come to an agreement with Komodo concerning dPoW (delayed Proof-of-Work). Now we are in the middle of the actualization of our main core, so it would be suitable for certain requirements. The Delayed Proof-of-Work is an additional backup mechanism, where one blockchain can utilize the security advantages provided by the hashing power of another blockchain. This capability is provided by a group of notarized nodes that add information from the first blockchain to the second. Therefore, in order to hack the first blockchain, the second one must also be hacked. So, if some blockchain implements the dPoW protocol, it can connect to Komodo, and then uses the hash power of Bitcoin. Thus, Tecra blockchain could utilize the dPoW protocol and benefit from using the hashpower of Bitcoin despite having other hash algorithms of PoW. In this matter, the Bitcoin network would additionally protect our blockchain. We will start implementing the Komodo solution after the final Core upgrade.

Tecra started planning the basic DEX functionality and its connection with the current projects

As you probably know, Tecra is a long term business, we have obtained permanent financing for our project from public funds. Therefore, the next few years will be very stable. In addition to our current projects, we have begun the initial planning of our decentralized DEX exchange in this respect. It will be a very good complement to our cryptocurrency, which will be the main means of settlement. In addition, the tokens generated for Tecra Space projects can be exchanged for Tecra DEX. It is true that we are planning to start in 2022, but we have to start already. Creating a true decentralized and secure digital exchange is a bold task. Most of the current projects of this typeface some problems, such as too much centralization or problems with security and cryptography. Of course, when building such platforms, you need to combine some central functions with decentralized ones, but in a skillful way, so that advanced customers can trust us. Current DEX solutions offer very interesting features, but this potential has not yet been realized. Our exchange will offer you more, so please wait patiently.

Why DEX?

According to the ethereum_updates:

 - decentralized exchanges are booming in 2020

 - more than $13.5 bilion in value has passed through DEX so far in 2020. Less than $3 bilion had been traded in all of 2019

 - Uniswap captures more than half of DEX volume, reaching $1 bilion in July 


During the COVID pandemic, we all worked remotely for a while. However, at the moment it is a hybrid solution. We have built both an international network of employees (mainly developer team) who work remotely, and we have a team in our CEO office in Warsaw. This is the place where we arrange the meetings the most important partners, hold regular meetings with the management board and solve urgent matters concerning our business.

Moreover, Tecra actively supports blockchain ecosystems on various levels. We have recently cooperated with representatives of the academic community of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. We have just completed a project related to the Polish and International Blockchain Olympiad. The International Blockchain Olympiad is an annual global competition inviting students to propose solutions to real problems using Blockchain Technology. The project aims to present a practical theory in the field of new technologies combining the virtual and real-world as well as application IT solutions in the field of blockchain technology. The mission is to support the sustainable development and maturity of Blockchain Technology through cooperation with academic partners, business and law regulators. Country committees provide education and training in designing complete blockchain solutions. Participation in the competition is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and confront your ideas with the opinions of experts in this still niche field.

Tecra performed as a blockchain advisor. Our employee was a technology consultant in the project, which won first place in the international stage and won the award of merit in the international final in Hong Kong. In addition, advisory activities were carried out in projects concerning a durable medium and designing a new consensus protocol dedicated to lawyers. We were not the only ones who helped develop academic talent. The event was also under the honorary patronage of the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs and the National Center for Research and Development.

To be continued...

Another month has come to the end. The summer was marked by extensive preparatory work before the launch of many projects, many agreements were signed and new ideas were negotiated regarding the development of the company.  Autumn will bring even more news and events. The platform will eventually be launched and TecraCoin will be listed on the first exchange platform HotBit. Also, One-click MasterNode will be soon available — it will allow non-techie users to set and launch MasterNode.

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