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Interregnum Chronicles: Tactics game description

Tecra Space, Projects

We are announcing the beginning of raising funds for a new project in the gaming industry - a strategy game inspired by the world created by Polish sci-fi best selling author, Przemysław Karda. This is a debut game from a new studio - the Spacewalkers - created by industry veterans with experience gained over many successful projects.

The project has already achieved success in collecting the minimum investment threshold. The fundraising for the game did not freeze, and the second phase of attracting capital will most likely start in 2020. Until now, the developers of the game have gathered over USD 2.2 million. That amount makes it possible to start developing the game, however, creators need funds of USD 10 million to commercialise it effectively and rationally. You can already subscribe to the project newsletter to be notified of the launch.

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About Spacewalkers

We have decades of experience shared among our team, gained over many projects in well established studios like Flying Wild Hog, Bloober Team, ONE MORE LEVEL or Ancient Forge Studio. After creating multitude of games both with publishers like Devolver and while independent, we decided to pool our resources, know-how and passion to create a studio that will achieve even more.
We are determined to deliver innovative and meaningful gameplay to players both on PC and consoles. Our goal is to deliver premium AA quality games while maintaining the freedom to create unconventional experiences. This approach gives us an edge over less agile competition, constrained by established solutions.

About the game

This is a first game from a new series - the Interregnum Chronicles: Tactics which are a series of snippets into the world of Interregnum. This first expedition into the world of Interregnum is a turn-based strategy about survival in a post-apocalyptic world in which extraterrestrial civilizations wage war over ruins of Earth while ordinary people fight for survival. Humanity was decimated by a mysterious mind virus and the world was thrusted into a new ice age while the magnetic poles abruptly shifted. The game offers a refreshing perspective of a group of ordinary people caught in events that transcend their understanding - their small tragedies quietly play out in the shadows of events that will decide the fate of the world.

Plans for the future

If the project manages to raise the final 10,000,000, the Spacewalkers team will be able to successfully accomplish their plan. Meanwhile, the accumulated capital has already made it possible to begin the work on the first installment of the Interregnum Chronicles. The development of the game will take place simultaneously with the fundraising for its expansion. Already in 2020 the first details about the game will appear, and at the beginning of the new year there will be an official trailer. The expected duration of the project is about 30 months. The game will be sold through digital distribution platforms like Steam or Playstation Store. The price of the game is estimated at USD 20-30, and in the first year after its launch - according to studio expectations, the game will be sold in 100,000 to 500,000 copies.

We invite you to sign up for the project! We will inform you about the start of the second round of the fundraising.

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