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TecraCoin on the HotBit cryptocurrency exchange


Official announcement of TecraCoin listing on Hotbit on October 31, 2020.

In July 2020 Tecra signed an agreement with one of the most trustworthy crypto exchanges in the world (especially in Asia) - HotBit! Officially TecraCoin will be listed on the exchange on 31 October this year. We have also launched a clock on our website, which counts down the days to that date. Signing the contract with the cryptocurrency exchange platform was an important milestone in our company. Listing on the exchange will allow our users to experience the benefits of buying and selling our Coin.

Why HotBit?

The global presence and the enormous opportunity to expand to Asian markets is one of the reasons why our company chose HotBit as its first asian crypto exchange. An important part of our business model is to increase the number of innovation patents. Asian markets such as China, Japan and South Korea are world leaders in terms of the number of innovation patents. According to a report by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) in 2019, the number of patent applications worldwide reached 3.3 million in 2018, and Chinese citizens accounted for as much as 46.4% of total patents in 2018. We believe that entering these markets will increase the recognition of our patents and the company itself. Moreover, the choice of trusted and reliable partners is key to our growth. According to the CoinGecko portal, the HotBit exchange is one of the most trusted exchanges in the world with the "Trust Score" 9/10 ranking*.

*As of July 8, 2020.


We always underline the significant influence of the community on our project, so we want to make each of our investors satisfied. Joining HotBit will definitely be one of the most important days this year for investors and for our crypto, which will be tested for credibility and market stability. Tecra has been preparing for this point for a couple of months, so everything will go according to plan. Expectations are high, but the perspectives are even bigger, so we would like to remind you that investment in TecraCoin is a long-term process, that the company's business model assumes long-term and stable cryptocurrency growth.


One of the hottest topics in TecraCoin community of the past week was the unexpected appearance of our cryptocurrency on crypto exchange "Stakecenter". We would like to officially inform you that Tecra has nothing to do with this affair. We have not been informed in any way by the managers of Stakecenter, and the information about the listing of TecraCoin on the "crypto exchange" has reached us via Twitter. Since the satisfaction of our investors and the company's image is a priority for us, we advise you not to buy/sell our cryptocurrency on the Stakecenter platform. Team of Tecra doesn't want any of you to be cheated, and we do not have reliable information about the credibility of this crypto exchange and about the intentions of its owners. We recommend to hold off the investment on suspect cryptocurrency exchanges and start trading on the Hotbit already on 31 October 2020!

Future exchange plans

Hotbit will be the first crypto exchange operating in the Asian markets to list TecraCoin. It is not the only exchange  which we plan to cooperate with in Asia. We are in the process of negotiating with one of the most recognisable decentralised crypto exchanges in the world, as you will soon find out. Eventually, Tecra is planning to create its own decentralised exchange for the Tecra Space project. Implementation of Tecra DEX is planned to happen in 2022, so we are always emphasizing that our business is set for long-term, sustainable running.

Link to registration on HotBit:

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