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TCR Trading Competition Announcement [ended]


Competition announcement!

Between November 9th and November 18th Hotbit will be hosting a TecraCoin trading competition!

During the event, Hotbit will rank all TCR traders according to their TCR trading volumes (buy + sell volumes). The reward of 1428 TCR will be distributed among the winners as presented in the table below.
Rules And Regulations:During the event, the users who are ranked No. 1 - No. 10 will share 700 TCR as rewards according to their ranking positions; all qualified participants ranked No. 11 and below will share 728 TCR as rewards according to the proportion between their own TCR trading volumes and the total TCR trading volumes of all qualified users ranked No. 11 and below.
Note:During the event, only those users who trade no less than 10 TCR (buy + sell volumes) on Hotbit will be qualified for participating in the event. During the event, the withdrawal function of TCR will be temporarily unavailable.
Rewards table:

Ranking position






Other qualified users

Reward in TCR




60 each

40 each

Share 728

Remember, the competition only lasts until the morning (8:00am) of November 18th! Don’t put it off, join the competition now and increase your chances to win!

Keep up with the current ranking here.

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