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Mandatory Update of the Wallet (TecraCoin Core 1.7)


Mandatory Update of the TecraCoin Core 1.7

TecraCoin Core 1.7 (Core v14 update)

Notable changes

New masternode system 

  • registration starting on block 450000 (approx 16. Jan 2021)
  • all  nodes need to be updated before that date
  • after block 470000 (approx 20. Feb 2021) only newly registered masternodes will be paid

Reward changes now fit whitepaper 

  • miner reward changes on halvings

Code update to Bitcoin Core v0.14 

  • faster sync
  • security fixes
  • HD wallets

Update from 1.6.x will force database reindex

It can take even several hours on HDD (about hour on SSD) 

Always backup wallet.dat file before update

File/backup wallet 

Pick your version


  • installer: tecracoin-1.7.0-win64-setup-signed.exe
  • zipped binaries:


  • dmg installer: tecracoin-1.7.0-osx-unsigned.dmg
  • gzipped binaries: tecracoin-1.7.0-osx64.tar.gz


  • gzipped binaries: tecracoin-1.7.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • masternode: tnode.tar.gz

4d45cf3487d07a210289eb6ce0061bb8565e8361e91f362d2da9acff9186d3d8  tecracoin-1.7.0-osx-unsigned.dmg

3b5c1d56bfcaad5315238f622a26c92d9e10138106df017692f149d528fc5e07  tecracoin-1.7.0-osx64.tar.gz

46bf63f92a6e56cc71eca118df3e6f7010938b08aa21327fbc53dfa96ef9adf6  tecracoin-1.7.0-win64-setup-signed.exe


976537d4d7cfd84ae63c850de0c4720b771d1bcf1d9ddcf70c594c84a242610b  tecracoin-1.7.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

60f98b6690977dc67444723dc4222a6937d947e97a625dcc50a2ca520134e108  tnode.tar.gz

Typical update of Masternode


#stop current node

teracoin-cli stop

#delete old downloads

rm -f tnode.tar.*

#delete old binaries directories

rm -rf tecracoin-1.*

#download binary



tar xzf tnode.tar.gz

#start new daemon



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