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2020 - Yearly Summary!

Tecra Space, Summary

2020 has been filled with challenges for everyone. Thankfully, despite difficult circumstances people have been facing, this year has also proven to be a year of growth and numerous noteworthy achievements for businesses such as Tecra. Let’s take a quick look at the accomplishments our company has shared with the Tecra community in the past 12 months and remind ourselves about the hard work we've been doing together!

Beta Platform

First of all, September has seen the launch of Tecra Space (Beta version). It was a very important milestone, as the crowdfunding platform is one of the main projects that make up Tecra’s ecosystem apart from our cryptocurrency and decentralized exchange in making. The currently available beta version of the platform is only a foretaste of what Tecra Space will have to offer in the future - lucrative investment opportunities, tokenization of intellectual property, investments backed by smart contracts, project voting system, and much more! The full version of our crowdfunding website will be available in 2021.

Entering Hotbit

In November 2020 TCR was listed on its first exchange, Hotbit, allowing Tecra’s cryptocurrency TecraCoin to officially enter the market and providing coin holders with new trading opportunities. To celebrate this occasion, Tecra and Hotbit teamed up to host a competition for the best TCR trader! Lucky coinholders won TCR from a considerable prize pool. Moreover, another contest is finishing in two days - if you're interested in winning, you can click here and read more about it. Stay tuned for other opportunities to get TCR next year!

Bitcoin core 14 and dPoW

Our developers were continuously working on improving the user experience and functionality of our products. That’s why this year TecraCoin’s blockchain was upgraded to Bitcoin Core 0.14.0. The update brought major improvements to the functioning of our blockchain - most notably enhanced its performance and it will allow to implement Delegated Proof of Work (dPoW). Read more about the upgrade here!

TCR Staking Program, digital wallets and the client panel

Another new good news for coin holders was the release of the TecraCoin Staking Program. In early October TCR Wallet users gained the opportunity to easily optimize their capital. The staking program allows TCR owners to multiply their coins by as much as 40annually. In December this feature was also made available on our website along with the release of web wallets and usdt wallets on It was possible thanks to the introduction of a client panel, where users can directly purchase TecraCoins through our own gateway, deposit the coins on the digital wallets, import the Spacewalkers tokens.  The new features were made available for the 1000 users newly registered on our website!

The blockchain crowdfunding platform

Two new projects have been approved and listed on the Tecra Space platform. Spacewalkers game project has already reached its softcap, which allowed the production to officially begin! Another project is the photovoltaic farm, which correlates with the idea of sustainable development that Tecra wishes to contribute to. The fundraising for the second project will begin soon and currently, you can support our innovative gamers' team!

Aside from that, as many as 15 projects have been admitted to Tecra Space and are waiting for fundraising! The projects range from a large scale 3D printer to an electric car charger network, a crowdfunding site for athletes, and more. All projects can be seen in the Project Waiting Room where future investors can find out more about them. Project creators offer new solutions on the market and provide our community with interesting investment opportunities. Once the full version of the platform is available Tecra Space community will be able to evaluate and vote for the projects they want to see realized. Moreover, there is a lot of progress when it comes to our first project - the graphene light bulb! Due to a lot of unforeseen obstacles on the way of creating this innovative invention, the process might take a little bit longer than initially expected - but the results are amazing. Read more about the latest developments of the project here!

Much more to come next year!

Thank you for being with us in 2020. This year has been very important to us and brought many developments that will be key in creating a lasting, well-synchronised and a flourishing ecosystem, where our community can grow and profit along with us. Even though the pandemic has slowed the whole world down, our small startup has spread its wings and accomplished a lot - just imagine what will happen once the global situation comes back to normal! We have many great plans for the upcoming year and we hope you will continue on this journey with us. We will be updating you with details of our future projects soon but we can already share with you that our focus in 2021 will be on improving our customers’ experience, bringing new investment and coin trading opportunities.  First of all, in the first month of the new year a new currency pair will be introduced - it will be possible to trade Bitcoin for TecraCoins! To optimize trading, Tecra is planning to list TCR on new exchanges. Such development can be expected in the first or second quarter of the year. Furthermore, our developers will be working on updating digital wallets, improving their functionality and introducing new features. Lastly, there are two main goals on the roadmap that Tecra wants to achieve in 2021 - launch of a brand new blockchain explorer in May and smart contracts for tokenization of assets in June.

2021 will definitely be a busy year for the Tecra team - make sure to stay tuned! Thank you for your support, as we would have not done it all without the trust of our community. We wish you all a wonderful New Year!

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