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Get yourself a gift for the New Year - take part in our contest and win up to 200 USDT! Total pool prize is 700 USDT!

We are constantly improving the functions of our platform - recently, we have added a client panel and the option to buy TecraCoin directly from our website via PayPal. On that occasion, between December 2nd and December 31st you will have a chance to participate in a contest held by Tecra and win from the prize pool of 700 USDT! The rules are very simple:

1 person will be awarded the main prize of 200 USDT, and 10 people will receive 50 USDT each! The winners will be picked randomly among all the contestants who meet all conditions for participation*. Remember to use a valid e-mail for us to be able to get in touch with you!
*Users registered before the start of the contest are automatically qualified to take part in the contest.

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What benefits the client panel gives you:

An easier way to purchase TecraCoin

The purchase of the coin for those who pass the KYC becomes available straight on the website using PayPal. If you have any difficulties with trading or you are not specifically interested in it. In order not to withdraw funds from the HotBit exchange (where TecraCoin is currently tradable), instead, you will be able to invest in innovative projects directly from your wallet with the client panel. So, again, verified users will be able to buy TecraCoin

Everything in one place

1.  You are automatically appearing in the entire Tecra's environment, which means that the user can exploit all of the functions of our current and upcoming projects. Not only quick purchasing of TecraCoin will be accessible for registered users but also convenient investments into startups. Once you choose the potential project to invest in, there will be no impediments in the process of funding the startup, since you are already a verified user of the platform.

2. Prompt way to set your TecraCoin Smart Deposit (TCR staking program) - one of the current options available for those who simply hold some TecraCoins. More about Smart Deposits you can read here.

3. DEX is another future project of Tecra. Decentralized exchange platform where you can sell the Tokens of the startup you purchased from the project. Therefore, users registered on Tecra Space automatically become the users of the future DEX platform, creating one account for the entire ecosystem.

4. Also, among the currently developing features of the Tecra Space one can find soon the USDT, Ethereum and Ethereum staking wallets. Follow our news on social media and learn more about the new features.

Getting informed about investing opportunities

The users of the Tecra Space platform will receive the information and updates in the form of a Newsletter about all of the projects listed on the platform. It means that registered users are the first ones to receive information about investment opportunities.

So there is no reason for hesitation as to signing up on the platform since it brings you real benefits both in short and long-term periods.

In case of any problems with registration or the purchase of TCR, please get in touch with us via

What's that KYC all about?

Know Your Customer is a part of the bigger Anti-Money Laundering procedures. Since we are a company, ltd.,  we are legally obliged to store information about our clients.Since our website is an investment platform with our soon to be launched gateway, we want to ensure the security of our clients - thanks to that solution, we make sure that our clients are real people and not hackers, bots, or people using false information to commit fraud. Some people are reluctant to provide this kind of information, as they think it can be dangerous for their privacy. But due to it being encrypted on our very own blockchain - it is being safely stored. Our developers team makes sure of that. We are not trading the information of our clients.

How to pass KYC?

You will have to provide personal information, such as a picture of you holding up your passport. Your information will be reviewed by our KYC specialist, who will decide whether the information is valid.

Why should you entrust us with your data?

We have a designated KYC Officer who is trained to store the data. Moreover, we have gained the trust of European Union’s representatives - we are beneficiaries of the Smart Growth grant for our scientific research.

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The results of contest!

Here are the winning addresses in the New Year's Tecra Space Competition:

Draw machine:


200 USDT:

50 USDT:

How to check if you have won?
1. Log in to
2. Check your wallet balance!

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