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Introduction to a new tokenization platform Tecra Space

Tecra Space, Crypto World

This article will provide you with the most essential information about Tecra Space - what exactly it is, what the investment process on the platform looks like, what solutions and benefits it offers, what are project tokens and much more.

What is Tecra?

Tecra is an innovative startup operating in the blockchain ecosystem. The startup is involved in differentiated business and scientific activities affecting the digital development of the world. Tecra has an advanced business model and solutions that are unique in the blockchain field. Tecra in its entirety consists of three main projects: Tecra Space, TecraCoin and TecraDex, as well as various smaller ones. Thanks to our blockchain we are able to create project tokens, NFT tokens and stablecoin on our platform.

Tecra Space is one of Tecra's projects aiming to resolve certain issues in the investment, funds raising and intellectual property rights sectors using modern, state-of-the-art technology in the form of blockchain and blockchain-associated technologies.

Tecra Space - the investment platform

Tecra Space is an investment platform for a convenient and safe process of raising funds for technological and scientific projects or startups with the opportunity of tokenization of intellectual property and the exchange of projects' digital tokens. Tecra arranges a safe movement of capital and intellectual properties through its blockchain solutions.



Innovators, scientists, high-tech entrepreneurs, technological startups and scientific institutions can safely raise the capital for the development of the project

The aim of this platform is to make it easier for high-tech projects to get the attention of thousands of worldwide investors.

The platform provides an opportunity to choose to invest in a scientific project with high commercial potential, as confirmed by experts and to profit from owning the issued tokens of the project, which can increase in value following the success of the project.

Tecra Space brings simplicity and transparency to the process of investment.

Designed Solution

  1.  Based on our blockchain technology, tokenization of the projects provides more traceability, transparency and credibility. Investors can monitor the way the investments are spent.
  2. With token and smart contracts, we will automate the process of investment, funds allocation and withdrawal.
  3. The implementation of smart contracts and tokenization based on blockchain technology will ensure the clarity of property rights and the identity of the patent owner.
  4. For investors, it is not only an opportunity to secure their funds via tokens but also a guarantee that projects will actually automatically comply with their commitments in accordance with smart contracts.
  5. The possibility to start investing in projects even for users with a small number of TecraCoins. It's a good way to gain investing experience in the field of high-tech projects and the blockchain industry.
  6. Decreasing the opportunity of investment fraud and enterprise hazards. Safety is achieved thanks to our blockchain solution adjusted especially for the financial transaction system and serves as the basis for proper work of the smart contracts and tokenization processes.
  7. For both parties of the investment, the blockchain solution provides transparency in the relationship. Implementation of smart contracts and its automatic generator arranges a convenient set of terms and conditions, as well as will serve as a tool for automating the processes, such as the system of voting and payment of tokens in accordance with the agreed conditions.

What are Tecra's main target groups?

  1.  Scientists, inventors, and technology startups. They make up of potentially thousands of people and initiatives around the world.
  2. Community interested in blockchain technology. This includes individual investors, who currently make up a constantly growing community on our social media.
  3. Investment funds and professional investors. In particular, that includes VC funds and business angels.
  4. Academic sector. Different kinds of academic organizations and institutions which are interested in licensing projects. It is an opportunity to provide a platform for universities' projects from all over the world.

Investment process

What is the function of Tokens?

"Space Tokens", issued by projects, have set prices and are exchanged for TCR. For investors, tokens serve as the evidence of investment, and for Inventors, they are a form of commitment pledge.

Every single token will have a unique value depending on the project. Its functions also should be set and described by the project creators. Aside from market evaluation of the token (by inventor and scientists), the value of the Token can increase due to certain perks and privileges defined by the creators. The privileges, such as priority rights to use the final product of the project, discounts on the project's services, and the right of voting, will be described in the smart contract. The value of such privileges directly impacts the price of the Token. Hence, the more privileges the project can offer, the more value will be added to the token.

Why TCR?

Tecra company is committed to long-term sustainability. As Tecra is involved in the realization of various projects, the value of TCR will increase along with the number of successfully implemented projects throughout the development of Tecra. The cryptocurrency will be the tool for exchanging for project tokens on the platform and it will be used on the decentralized DEX platform. The value of TecraCoin is that it serves as a guarantee and means of facilitating the exchange of interests. TCR creates value for earlier investors as well as the new ones, providing more and more opportunities to use cryptocurrency for the investment in the high-tech industry.

What benefits can be expected by the investors?

What benefits can be expected by scientists?

  • Increase of TecraCoin value
  • Investors decide on the value of the token
  • TecraCoin holders get 3% commission on every successful project
  • Profit from global projects
  • Involvement in worldwide technology development
  • TecraCoin holders can multiply their wealth by other Tecra products
  • The possibility of entering a large project with a small amount of money
  • Risk diversification

  • Convenient fundraising
  • Project verification by Tecra and community experts
  • Acquiring many project supporters from the whole world
  • Patent security
  • Low platform fees
  • Repayment after profit
  • A clear path of project development
  • Assistance in the commercialization of the project

TCR Smart Deposit

TecraCoin Smart Deposit is a staking service for the TCR holders. It allows them to gain a passive profit, excusively by simply putting TecraCoins in a deposit on your mobile wallet. This service offers attractive interest rates, allowing coin holders to optimise their raised capital, as well as helps to long-term strenghten the market value of TCR. For more information about this service and its benefits please read this article.


Hangar, or Project Dock, is a feature of our platform, which allows our users to find out about upcoming projects. There you can find projects that have not yet been listed on our platform which are currently in the verification phase. In the final version of the website, this will be the place where our community votes for the projects. Check out the current projects listed in the hangar!

Also, watch our Q&A video on youtube

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]!

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