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Any moment now, new projects will start their crowdfunding campaigns. Find out about upcoming investment opportunities and great projects you can be a part of.

New collections on our crowdfunding platform are about to launch - a long-awaited moment by our community. Soon the game project of Spacewalkers studio and the cryptocurrency mining farm of Belters will start their crowdfunding campaigns, following Expanse Plus company. The fundraising for the photovoltaic farm project has been active since May, however, the campaign finishes on August 8. What are the goals of the upcoming fundraisers and what do the projects have to offer our community? 


Spacewalkers studio's project is the Interregnum Chronicles game series, which was inspired by the world created in a bestselling Polish sci-fi novel of the same title (it ranked 5th in the sales ranking of sci-fi novels in Poland according to Empik stores). The first game in the series will be Interregnum Chronicles: Tactics. The developers are ready to open a private token sale round on the Tecra Space platform, where purchasing SWT tokens at the most favorable price will be available to users with a Premium account. Spacewalkers team consists of true game enthusiasts, who are proud of their long-standing experience in the game development industry, gained at reputable studios such as Flying Wild Hog and Techland. 

The developers of the project have already managed to achieve the first successes and raise funds within the minimum initial investments. To date, the developers have raised over $3 million, which has made it possible for the team to begin work on the first game, also known as "game zero". The product, due to its small scale, is not included in the company's revenue for the purposes of fundraising, but it is a great preview of the studio's capabilities. The first effects are already visible! The game Interregnum Chronicles: Signal, which is an introduction to the world of the upcoming game series, was recently released on Steam

These achievements are just the beginning of the adventure for the studio. The main fundraising goal that the Spacewalkers team wants to achieve is $10,000,000. These funds will allow the development of as many as 9 games and their effective promotion. Each million collected after the first two million means the ability to create more games. At this point, the raised sum will allow for the creation of three games.
The expected duration of the production of each of these games is about 24 months and they will be conducted by more than one team to produce several games at the same time.

The games will be sold via popular distribution platforms such as Steam or Playstation Store. The price of the game will be in the range of 20-30 USD, and in the first year after the release, according to the studio's expectations, sales should reach a total volume of 50,000 to 100,000 units, which shows that the project is a promising investment opportunity not only for computer game enthusiasts. 

Within 5 years after the release of each game, 40% of the sales revenue will be used to buy Spacewalkers tokens. In case of reaching the hard cap - assuming a 5-year monetization period for each game - the studio anticipates sales between 2,180,000 units and 3,000,000 of the 9 games produced. This will result in studio revenue of $45,000,000 to $60,000,000.

Mining farm Belters

Belters is a Polish company operating in the IT industry. The team members have experience in this industry for over 15 years. Belters is co-created by motivated people with a passion for operation and extensive knowledge in the field of mining which enabled them to develop solutions for those who are interested in profiting from cryptocurrency mining. The Belters mining farm itself has been operating since 2017. During this time, the creators of the project gained valuable experience, and the farm was constantly developed, which allowed it to achieve a high standard and an impressive level of reliability and efficiency. Currently, the total capacity of the mine is approximately 90 GH / s, making it possible to generate monthly profits of approximately USD 70,000. Belters has proprietary computing power management software. Currently, the cryptocurrency mined by Belters is ETH, but the farm is able to mine most of the cryptocurrencies available on the market.

Although many people dream of opening their own cryptocurrency mining farm, the barrier of insufficient financial resources, lack of appropriate knowledge and specialized equipment is often impossible to overcome. The Belters project offers a simple solution to this problem. BLT tokens will allow holders to profit from mining without the responsibility and pressure associated with owning their own farm. The funds raised during the collection will enable the further development of the Belters mining farm, increasing its power and maximizing the generated profits.

 Upcoming projects can mean exciting new investment opportunities for our community. In the future, SWT and BLT tokens can be traded on our Tecra DEX exchange, which our developers are currently working on. Soon, the tokens of these projects will be available on our platform. Stay tuned and we will keep you informed.

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