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Tecra Updates #1


We have prepared for you the results of the last two weeks, which brought many updates.

Let's get right to the essentials.

Spacewalkers Private Fundraising Round Launch

A project with the goal of raising 10,000,000 USD was launched on our platform. Spacewalkers studio is creating a series of games "Interregnum Chronicles" based sci-fi bestseller of the same name. What exactly does a private round mean? It means that the purchase of SWT tokens is available to users with a premium account. Also, the private round will last until the end of 2021. This round gives you the opportunity to buy SWT tokens at a reduced price.
A little bit about the pricing policy: 

The SWT token price in the private roundThe SWT token price in the public round
$0.90 - when buying via ETH, USDT and FIAT

$0.85 - when buying via TecraCoin 
$1.00 - when buying via ETH, USDT and FIAT

$0.95 - when buying via TecraCoin 

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the token, the investor receives investor packages for supporting projects, which increase the attractiveness of the investment. Spacewalkers developers made sure that every investor will find something for himself by offering interesting add-ons. Check out what investor packages Spacewalkers studio has prepared!

What to know about the Spacewalkers project's tokenomics? The studio establishes a long-term strategy for the development of the project, where Spacewalkers will produce every next game for every million dollars raised. Over a 5-year period after the release of each game, 40% of the sales revenue will be used to buy and burn SWT tokens. 

  • CEO of Spacewalkers studio about the project and ambitions: 

First Crowdfunding Campaign On Tecra Space Is Finished

Expanse Plus project has finished its collection for creating a photovoltaic farm. Thanks to the active support of the community it was managed to raise $443 460 to build a 0.5 MegaWatt photovoltaic panel station. Investor packages have been sent out to holders. Depending on the type of package you already received the "Electronic Investor Certificate" and free Premium Account.  According to our business model, Tecra will distribute 2% of the collection sum to buy TecraCoins on the market and burn them. It basically means that we will burn $8869 worth of TecraCoins value. Also, an Airdrop of 3% ($13,303 in TCRs) of the fund raised will be distributed among the SUN holders. Anticipated airdrop date - Monday, August 16th. 

New Fundraising Campaigns Are On The Way

We've just launched one project, and already more are coming. In the near future, there will be two more projects on the platform - the Belters mining farm and the Dream Island platform projects. You can learn more about the Belters project from this press release. The project will help users earn money by cryptocurrency mining without having to own that very farm. In turn, the Dream Island project is a platform that encourages the world of art through NFT tokens. It's worth keeping an eye on this project, who knows maybe a new Weekend, Lionel Messi or Cillian Murphy will spring from this platform - and you'll miss the chance to participate in the formation of new stars.

Platform Upgrades

Our programmers are constantly working on improving the platform, now they began to develop an updated wallet design, which will be more understandable to the users.  New products will also be added and some Tecra services will be ported directly to the platform. In general, this upgrade will make navigating the platform more logical and user-friendly.

Migration to Tecra 2.0 blockchain

According to our roadmap, we started the migration of Tecra's blockchain to version 2.0. In this regard, the deposits function on HotBit exchange was suspended, as we started the process of contract replacement of TCR. After the replacement is completed depositing will be opened again. The migration of the blockchain will be completely ready in Autumn 2021. The transfer of coins from the old network to the new one will be executed on The process will be obligatory for everybody who holds TCR.

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