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Scientific projects and crowdfunding

Tecra Space, Crypto World

Can scientific development go hand in hand with crowdfunding? This article will discuss issues connected to crowdfunding for scientists and explain how Tecra Space plans on solving them.

The emergence of crowdfunding platforms has proven to be incredibly beneficial for projects in entrepreneurial, artistic, entertainment and social fields. In recent decades crowdfunding has become a widely popular way of getting funds for projects such as new games, films or music videos, community-oriented businesses, mobile apps, and many more. But can the scientific field also benefit from this type of funding? Are crowdfunding platforms a place where scientists can turn to in order to seek support of their research or development and commercialization of their inventions? It might just prove to be an area of yet untapped potential.

Traditional methods, such as grants from the government or academic institutions have their limitations. And so, more and more people have been noticing the potential of applying crowdfunding in scientific project commercialisation. Even some universities have started to encourage their researchers to launch crowdfunding campaigns. However, this subject brings forth many discussions. Different sides argue about potential benefits but also worries concerning the use of crowdfunding websites as the platform for investing in science. 

Supporters bring up the huge potential of crowdfunding:

  • expand resources that are not available in traditional funding

  • solve problems ingrained in traditional funding methods

  • enables early-career scientists to realise their projects early on (which usually is impossible through traditional channels)

  • engages a larger audience

  • helps to find out which scientific projects have the support and interest of the public

  • gives public a say in science funding

  • finding supporters interested in similar fields, even if they are not mainstream and normally would not be prioritised by traditional funding agencies

On the other hand skeptics express their concerns, for example:

  • questionable criteria of assessing project’s value and potential

  • limited platforms specialising in crowdfunding patents and scientific investments

  • crowdfunding communities might support projects with broad appeal but lacking in scientific substance

  • raising money for scientific projects is much more challenging than for general projects

  • funding research might be risky, which might discourage potential investors

crowdfunding for science

Image caption

Crowdfunding platforms for scientific projects are still rather few and far between. Aside from platforms like or The Open Source Science Project, people looking to fundraise for patents might turn to general-purpose crowdsourcing websites, such as Kickstarter. The interest in investing in science in those places, however, remains rather niche. Additionally, as the platforms do not specialise in crowdfunding for scientists, they might not meet the needs of the researchers and innovators. The solution is Tecra Space.

Tecra Space wants to take advantage of crowdfunding’s strong sides and simultaneously address worries and solve problems that might emerge from implementation of crowdfunding methods for funding scientific projects. First of all, through implementation of Tecra’s own blockchain, tokenization of intellectual property and smart contracts it ensures safety and transparency of investment. Cooperation with scientists, specialists and an active community help in a reliable assessment of a project's commercialization potential. Tecra strives to bring together a strong community that shares an interest in scientific development, as well as investing in science. Tecra Space prioritises projects in high tech and broader scientific fields, while putting the interest of scientists and investors first. That is why scientists choosing this platform can expect convenient fundraising, patent security, low platform fees, a clear path of project development and assistance in the commercialization of their projects.

Tecra Space strives to become a bridge between crowdfunding and scientists. Out platform wants to impact worldwide scientific development, revolutionise and popularise investment in high-technology, bring forth innovative, sustainable solutions and build a community that is passionate about the same things. If you are a scientist that is looking to crowdfund your project - consider applying to Tecra Space. We cannot wait to start our cooperation and make changes together. Do not hesitate - you can apply here.

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