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Tecra 2.0 Migration Instruction

TecraCoin, Blockchain, Press release

We invite you to read the instructions on how to properly convert your TecraCoins from the old native blockchain to the new Tecra 2.0. If you want to safely convert your coins, we strongly recommend you to read this material. The time available for migration will be limited, so migrate coins to the new blockchain as quickly as possible.

In order to increase the efficiency and transaction speed, we have migrated TecraCoin to the new blockchain. This is the instruction for users to successfully migrate the TecraCoin to new network. We advise you to complete the migration as soon as possible to avoid losing your funds. 

Pre-migration Steps

Remember that the migration is only available at Tecra is the only party providing the service of converting TCRs to the new blockchain and users have to contact us in case of any difficulties.
In order to be able to migrate the coins one must:

  • Be registered on the Tecra Space platform
  • Pass the KYC verification process
  • Accumulate any TCR funds you have to migrate them all in one transaction.

Many of the holders keep their coins on Desktop and mobile wallets. Thus, such holders must first transfer the coins to their analog platform wallet. After the migration is completed the user can keep the coins on the platform's wallet or send them to such wallet as MetaMask. After the 23rd of December 2021 (end of migration), native desktop and mobile TCR wallets will be removed.

Make sure to transfer all of the funds on the platform from all of the sources before proceeding with the conversion. We recommend making the conversion in one transaction. Each subsequent transaction will go longer and the waiting time can take up to 30 days. 

Migration Process Instruction

All TCR holders on the native blockchain will have an opportunity to convert their funds to the new blockchain. The conversion process is taken the place on This is important to know, that the window during which the opportunity to convert the coin is open until December 23th, 2021. 

Important note:  conversion process can take a couple of days. Please be patient. In case of any problems or errors appearing during the migration, please contact

  1. Logging into account on, then click the "WALLET" tab.

    In addition to the redesigned page, below, you can see the available wallets, among which is the new TCR2 Wallet. Your TCR Wallet has a certain balance that must be converted. No fees are taken for conversion procedure. The conversion is performed in a 1:1 ratio.

  2. Click the button “CONVERT” on your TCR Wallet.
    Image caption
  3. In order to proceed, one must complete the KYC verification. You will be redirected right to this tab. Here is a helpful article on how successfully pass the KYC. Usually, the acceptance takes up to 3 days.  If you already have the verified account, the process goes further.
  4. As long as the KYC is completed, you can proceed with the migration process. After clicking the button “CONVERT” the following tab appears. See the details of the migration process and go further.
    Image caption
    It is automatically set to convert the maximum available amount of funds. Accept the regulations and click "CONVERT".
    Image caption

    Keep in mind that after the first conversion is made, the following attempts will take a longer time of conversion.
    Image caption
  5. The conversion procedure may as little as 5 days or even up to 30 days.

Image caption 

This is the entire process of migration. Once again, we remind you that each subsequent conversion attempt will take longer, so first, make sure that all funds are placed in the wallet TCR on the platform, and then proceed to the conversion.

Compatibility with the Metamask

The new blockchain will be compatible with the MetaMask wallet - this means that the user will be able to transfer funds from the new native TCR2 blockchain to the Metamask Wallet, and from Metamask to the TCR2 Wallet.

Adding the network to Metamask:
1. Download Metamask to your browser and create the wallet
2. Open the Networks from the up button
3. Look for the bottom bar - Custom RPC

4. Click and add Tecra's network. Here are the following details for adding a new network to Metamask:

Network Name - livenet
Chain ID - 20531812
Currency Symbol (optional) - TCR
Block Explorer URL (optional) - 

The network is added to MetaMask wallet. 

Sending TecraCoins from TCR 2 Wallet to Metamask wallet

After your coins have been migrated to TCR2 wallet you can further send them to Metamask wallet.

1. On Metamask wallet COPY the address of your wallet.

2. Click the WITHDRAW button on your TCR2 Wallet

Image caption 

3. Insert the copied address and write the number of coins to withdraw. Then click the WITHDRAW FUNDS button.

Image caption Confirm and wait
Image caption  

After a couple of minutes, the funds will be received on Metamask wallet. 

Sending TecraCoins from Metamask wallet to TCR2 wallet

1. Click the DEPOSIT button on your TCR2 Wallet

Image caption 

2. Copy the address

Image caption 

3. Go to MetaMask wallet and click the SEND button in your Metamask wallet. Insert the copied address to the recipient, set the amount to send, and click “next” and confirm the transaction.

After a couple of minutes, the funds will be completely transferred to the new TCR2 Wallet 

Image caption 

TCR ERC-20 Wallet

Also, our developers added TCR ERC-20 wallet, to which you can transfer TCR erc-20 coins from Etherium blockchain (available on Uniswap exchange) and vice versa.

Note: It is impossible to send the native coins from Metamask to the TCR ERC-20 Wallet and vice versa. However, when the bridge is opened the user can withdraw the funds from its TCR2Wallet to Metamask  ERC-20 wallet and then send it further to decentralized exchange.

TCR Smart Deposit

By the 8th of November, all previously pledged deposits have been shut and paid out proportionally to users according to the interest and time set. The staking program is already compatible with new Tecra's blockchain, hence you can set the new Smart Deposit as before.

One-click masternode

One-click Masternode is now available on the platform. As before, Masternode holders receive rewards for maintaining the blockchain network. Now Masternode can be set up in one click directly on our website, without any programming. 

Here is how to create a masternode just in one click:

  1. Logging into account on, then click the "INVESTMENT" tab and pick the One-click masternode product.
  2. Click "CREATE MASTERNODE"  and go further. In order to create the masternode, you will need 10 000 TCR and 5 TCR for a fee.
    Image caption

    The following tab appears - make a decision and proceed by clicking "CREATE MASTERNODE".
    Image caption
  3. The creation of the masternode will take several minutes. We remind you that 10 000 TCRs will be locked in your wallet for the need of the service. You will be getting the rewards for keeping the masternode, which you can payout at any time. In case of closing the service, the funds of 10 000 coins will be unlocked in your wallet.
    Image caption

    New Blockchain Consensus

In order to increase the performance of our blockchain solutions, we made a decision to move to the new consensus PoA. The Proof of Authority algorithm increases the speed of transaction validation through master validators. Based on the number of validators, new blocks are generated with predictable consistency, and therefore the blockchain registers a higher transaction rate than PoW or PoS. The Proof of Authority model allows companies to maintain privacy and security by taking advantage of blockchain technology. The decision was made in order to make Tecra blockchain more business-oriented, which so more solid from the user's point of view.

Learn more about the new Tecra blockchain:

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