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Mandatory updates


Make sure you don't skip any!

For the past few weeks we have been reminding our users of mandatory updates. We understand, however, that such information might be easily overlooked in the constant stream of news. Today we would like to provide you with a condensed list of obligatory updates - make sure you haven't missed any!

1. TecraCoin Core 1.7 wallet update - update your QT desktop wallet:

2. Masternode update: - edited 01.03.2021

3. Registration of masternode in the new system:

The updates are obligatory and lack thereof will render your masternode UNUSABLE and it WILL HALT YOUR PROFITS. The instructions can be found in the articles listed above.

If you still encounter any technical issues or have troubles with doing the updates - we can offer you some help. Write to us on [email protected] and provide us with your contact information (preferably your telegram username). We will get in touch with you via telegram, zoom or google meets and help you with the update and the configuration in accordance with the network requirements. The fee is only 250TCR (address: TUxp9B98Gg5ye7AT8uHWX9sJr6iq7C54Yv)

If you feel like operating a masternode is a bit too complicated - we encourage you to create a Smart Deposit as an alternative method to optimize your capital:

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